Monday, July 29, 2013

265 vs 290

When I started my weight loss journey, I weighed 265 pounds. That has always been what I have used as my “start” weight. I was going through pictures the other day and found one of me from about 8 years ago. On the back it said “My heaviest – 290”… Reading that kind of hit me hard. I had forgotten about ever being that big. It was obviously a memory I did NOT want to remember.

I was telling a friend about this picture and they brought up a GREAT question. If my heaviest was 290 pounds then I do I say my “start” weight is 265?

I guess 2 reasons….
1.       I forgot all about being 290 until I found that picture (picture below)
2.       I weighed 265 when I started my journey I am on now so I just figured that is what I was supposed to use.

I have brought up the question of what weight to use on a couple of different fitness pages I am a member of and each one says that I should use the 290. The last thing I ever want is for someone to think I am a fraud or a liar and just changed my start weight from 265 to 290. So, I have decided that what I will say is that at my heaviest I was 290 but I really became focused on my weight loss journey when I weighed 265. It’s the only way I know how to say it without making it sound like a lie… ya know?!

That would make my totals (as of last Thursday when I weighed)
290 to 176 = 114 pound loss
265 to 176 = 89 pound loss

Either way, that is a damn good loss!!!

I hope you all have a FIT day!

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