Thursday, July 11, 2013

Constant Prayers

Constant Prayers            

Two years ago when I hit my 101 pound loss, I had a dream of becoming a personal trainer. I was ready to start studying and then life got in the way and I pushed my dream aside. For the last month or so, this dream has been coming back up almost daily. I have been in constant prayer about if this is the right step for me to take, who I would even train, how I would even go about it and everything else. A few weeks ago, it was laid on my heart that I need to focus on kids and mothers. I have been helping a bunch of my friends (who happen to be Mom’s) so I have that area down… how do I even start with kids? I have been praying for God to help me out because I can’t just go up to someone and say “Hey, is your kid overweight, do they need my help?” I know if someone did that to me, I would probably smack them! I figured God would be able to do it WAY better than I could so I handed it over to him.

Last night, I received a text from a sweet friend (someone who played an important role in my weight loss) asking me for help with her daughter (who happens to be my little… someone I have hung out with, been there for guidance, and much more). I couldn’t stop smiling, not that she needed my help but that God answered my prayers. I of course agreed to help out and 1st thing this morning I sent over a LONG email for the mom to read and then have her daughter read. This is a start to something that is going to play a huge part in my life and I couldn’t be more excited.

My hopes for this next chapter in my life:
1.       That I can encourage this girl to fully jump on board with changing her life at such a young age.
2.       That when she hits her goal of becoming fit, she can join me and help me spread the word to other kids her age.

How am I going to do this you might ask?
1.       I plan on after hitting my 101 pound weight loss (again) I am going to purchase the study materials to become a certified personal trainer. I hope that by 2014 I will have my certificate and I can really expand my dream.
2.       I plan on working with this girl very closely, teaching her everything I know and making sure I set out one-on-one time with her.

The best thing of all, Casey is on board with this all. It is great to have such a wonderful man supporting me each step of the way. I have known my entire life that working with kids in some way is my calling from God and I am so excited to finally figure out how to do it. This is just the beginning and I am SO excited!!!

If you have a child who you feel might benefit from learning about weight loss and getting healthy, message me!

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