Monday, July 22, 2013

Happy Monday!

Everyone always complains it is Monday again and here recently I have been noticing it more and more. Maybe its just because I am a grown up now and Monday means work, preparing dinner, getting the kids off to school, taking care of everything you put off from the weekend. Monday means business.

Welp, my trainer opened my eyes this morning by posting a motivational quote:

That is VERY true! 

Think about it, if the 1st thing you hear in the morning is a sweet compliment than chances are you are probably going to be all bubbly. If the 1st thing you hear is bad news, you will probably be crummy the rest of the day.

One little positive thought can change your entire day, so why not give yourself the power and change your own day?  
How about in the mornings, give yourself a compliment.
Thank God that you have yet another day to live.
Be happy that you have a job to go to that helps you pay bills for your family.
Take joy and pride in watching your sweet innocent child sleeping before you wake them and they become a monster (lol).
Look yourself in the mirror and realize how lucky you are.

One thought can change your whole day... so change it!

Also, it got me thinking...
If one thought can change my entire day, well 1 thought from me to another person could change their entire day too!
Why not lift each other up instead of tearing each other down.
Pay a compliment to a friend or heck even to a stranger.
Wave and smile.
Say 'Thank You' and use the person's name at the store or restuarant who served you.
Hold the door/elevator open for someone behind you.
There are endless possiblities!

I challenge you to not only change your entire day every morning by thinking a positive thought but to also try and change someone elses by paying it forward.

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