Thursday, July 25, 2013

Casey + Jordan = 5 A.M. Leg Day

This morning I had the privilege of turning on the lights and shouting... WAKE UP!!!! I have to admit, it felt great. Oh and did I mention, it was 5 am?! Yes, I am a morning person and Casey hates it.

As he was waking up and getting dressed, I heated up the protein pancakes I made him last night. I put them on a plate, drizzled the syrup on top and poured him a glass of milk. Can you tell he is just a little bit spoiled?

Off to the gym we went! It was so much fun being able to workout with someone else (I always workout out alone unless I am partner training with Lo). While working out with him was fun, it was even more fun to be able to tell him what to do for the workout. (Yes, I like being bossy). He trusted me fully to make sure he got a GREAT workout in... well, lets just say he left dripping sweat and then asked if he could have the workout (I printed it out) so he could do it again on his own!

Here is the workout:
side note: this is a cardio intense leg workout, you do not have to go to a gym to perform this workout and you do not need weights (unless you want them)

5 Minute warm up walking 3.5 incline 5
100 squats – with weights
90 mountain climbers
80 calf raises
70 pile squats – with weights
60 Glute Bridge Raises – with weighted ball
50 Jumping jacks
40 bench step ups – with weights
30 squat jumps – Jordan wall squat for the time it takes Casey to finish
20 lunges Casey – Jordan leg raises 10 on each leg with band
10 burpees
Repeat going backwards
10 minute cool down walking 3.7 incline 0

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