Friday, July 12, 2013

Women + Weights = MAGIC!!!

Two years ago when I lost 101 pounds, I did it by running. I hardly ever lifted weights, unless my trainer made me. Even then, I slacked big time. I was scared that if I lifted the weights, I would gain weight and that was the last thing I wanted to do. When I had my knee surgery, I ended up gaining back almost 40 pounds and it came back fast!

This time around, I have been talking to one of my dear friends who lifts weights and she has really helped me fall in love with weight lifting. If I would have been lifting weights 2 years ago, I probably would not have gained all 40lbs back because I would have had the muscle to help me break down the fat.

Women – You will NOT turn into a gargantuan man by lifting weights!!! Please understand this!!!!

I have done my research and wanted to key you in on a few reasons why weight lifting will actually help you lose weight…

1.       Muscle BURNS fat
2.       Muscle helps speed up your metabolism
3.       Muscle basically eats away your fat because the muscle needs energy to rebuild after you lift and the fat is what it uses for energy
4.       Muscle helps shape your body – helps you look better naked (wink wink)
5.       The more muscle you have, the more your body will burn fat/calories

You could weigh 150 pounds and never lift or you can weigh 150 pounds and lift weights and you would look so much better with the muscle then without… don’t believe me? Check out Brittany Eats Clean on Facebook or bbeatsclean on Instagram. She posted pictures of this exact example last night!

Ladies, take it from someone who has lost weight both ways (all cardio and cardio + weight lifting), I am in MUCH better shape now then I was 2 years ago even though I am still 14 pounds away from hitting my 101 weight loss again.

Moral of the story… LIFT WEIGHTS and don’t be scared!!!

Have a happy health FIT Friday!

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