Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A couple of awesome things!

I want to share a couple awesome things with you... these are random and kinda all over the place so bare with me!

I am having Avery weigh in once a week. This past Monday was her second weigh in and she has lost 1 pound! I am so proud of her. When I am training her, she does awesome and gives it her all. I just have to find a way to have her give it her all when I am not with her. Being a kid, she rather stay in and watch tv all day and not have to worry about working out. She wants to be able to just eat and not have to worry about portion control. It's going to take me spending time and really being hands on with her but I know the change can (and will) happen!

Tomorrow Case is picking up some OT at work and will be going in at the same time I do... this means he gets to FINALLY go to the gym with me! Yes, I am SUPER excited!!! I have been helping him by giving him tips on what to do when he goes to the gym but I haven't been with him in a long time. Tomorrow morning is going to be AWESOME! I am a morning person and he isn't so that will just add to the fun... for me! I can't wait to train him, eek! Oh and even better, its leg day tomorrow!!!

Since I am a scale whore, I weighed myself this morning even though I said I wouldn't until Fridays. I was 176.0... that means I have exactly 1 more pound to go before I hit my 2nd goal on my mirror. Being 176 also means that I have lost a total of 36 pounds this year and I only have 12 more to go to hit my 101 pound loss again.

Last thing... I love process pictures! I posted a picture of my workout tank this morning (I am doing a contest on my Fitbyjordan group page on Facebook to win one like it) and Brittany Bellair (BBEatsClean) commented on the photo on instagram about how much definition is in my arm. I decided to do a side by side photo of my arms from the last time I posted a bicep photo (3 weeks ago). Here are the results... WOW! Look at that definition just in 3 weeks!!! I sent it to Case and he replied "I am impressed and intimidated" Hahaha love him and my biceps!

I hope you all have a happy healthy Wednesday!!!!

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