Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Training Aves!

Last night was my 1st training with Avery, it was pretty exciting! Avery is 12 years old and will be going to middle school in the fall. She is one of the brightest kids I have ever met and the girl is SO photogenic. I love her to pieces so I am very happy that I am able be on this journey with her.

Okay so here is how last night went… I picked Aves up and while we drove to the gym, we were able to talk in depth about why she wants this change. I wanted to make sure that this change is something SHE really wants. I know from experience that if the change is not your idea, you will not change. She ensured me that she wants to change and is ready to do the work. She did admit that her motivation dies down very quickly, something else I relate to. We were also able to talk about how weight loss is 80% eating and 20% working out. I wanted her to know that even if she doesn’t make it to the gym every day, that she is still in control of her weight loss if she just makes the right choices when she eats.

We arrived at the gym and I decided to go through a MobileFit workout with her. For those of you who do not know what MobileFit is, it is a program offered by the YMCA that allows you to track your workouts, food and it also creates workouts for you to complete while at the gym. I have been using the workout tool on the days I do not meet with my trainer Lo. It has been very beneficial to me because it makes me step outside my comfort zone and lift weights I wouldn’t lift on my own. Anyways, I decided to print off a workout and go through this with Aves. I was able to show her different weight machines, I was able to show her the correct form she needs to use while lifting, and I was able to work out with her and feel like I got a great workout in. I was very proud of her while she was lifting. If something was to light in weight, she told me and let me up her weight. When we did biceps, the lighter weights were occupied so she went for the heavier weights… I was proud!!

We finished up with some cardio on the bike. The only program I found on the bike that I like is a high low program… it is where you pedal at a 80-90 RPM for 1 minute and then get your RPM up above 120 for 30 seconds. We ended up doing this for 15 minutes and then had a 5 minute cool down. Avery was done after about 7 minutes. She wanted to give up and I could see that motivation dying inside her. I had to push her, like Lo pushes me, but I had to do it in a way that she would fight harder instead of breaking. Every time she wanted to give up, I would remind her why she started, “You want to lose 10 pounds by school”, “you want people to compliment you on your weight”, “you want girls to whisper about how much weight you have lost instead of how much you have gained”… This method helped along with telling her that if she stopped again, I would add 1 minute on to the cardio session.
She finished strong and I am very proud of her! I left her with some homework (taking before full body photos and coming up with 3 goals she has) and told her I would see her again on Wednesday. This is such an exciting chapter in my life and on the way home I couldn’t help but smile because I know I am finally doing what I was called to do!!

Losing weight and changing your life is great, but losing weight and helping other people change their lives while you change yours is even better!!!

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