Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy 3rd of July

Tomorrow is a holiday and most holidays mean you will be surrounded by food and drinks... oh and family and friends! But I am sure there will be way more food then there is people which means you probably will have unlimited options and that could be B-A-D!

Dig down deep and figure out what you want more, to over eat and over drink just because its a holiday OR do you want to stay on track with your meals and workouts and conquer your goals?

My choice is to crush my goals for sure! Here is how I am going to do it...

 - We are celebrating with family, friends and fireworks tonight instead of tomorrow night since I have decided to work Friday instead of taking a vaca day. My sister & brother in law are having a cookout and I am bringing my own turkey burgers instead of eating what they are grilling. My sister is going to have fruit and a salad (thank goodness she is on the healthy journey too). I will make myself a plate, eat and then be done. No snacking just to snack. I will be armed with water and focus on hanging out with my nieces and watching fireworks instead.

- Tomorrow I am off and the YMCA is open (YES!!) so I am meeting my sister up at the gym bright and early (8am) to do a full body workout and cardio before the day starts. Later in the day Casey and I will be working on making a photo wall for our wedding (work out) and then headed to the mall to do some shopping with a gift card I won (walking = working out). We have decided to not attend any parties and spend the day together instead since we do not have Caleb. This will help with the eating. I will be able to control what we both eat all day long.

- Friday will go back to normal since I decided to go back to work instead of taking a vaca day.

- Saturday night we have plans to go on a triple date... we have chose sushi (my idea, are you shocked since I really don't like fish?!) and I have already reviewed the restaurants menu. I know exactly what I will be ordering and then we are going bowling (another form of a fun workout).

- Sunday will be like all my other Sunday's so I am good there too!

You have to have a plan when going into a holiday, specially one that can go from being a 1 day holiday into a weekend long holiday. If you have a plan, you are more than likely to stick to it and come Monday morning you will feel better about the choices you made.

I hope you all have a happy and safe 4th of July!

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