Monday, July 1, 2013

My success in June

June was a GREAT month for me and here is why:

1. I fully started back with Lo - training twice a week

2. I started doing 2 a days at the gym

3. I did not cheat one single day even though I planned on eating cake on the 22nd.

4. I signed up for a program at the Y and completed it (got me another t-shirt)

5. I reached 2 goals on the YMCA MobileFit program (hello waterbottle and coupon, those were my prizes)

6. I have gone down a size in pants (Holla!)

7. I am lifting heavier weights

8. Oh and ummm... I lost exactly 17 pounds from June 1 - June 30 (according to my scale, not Lo's... I weigh in with her tomorrow).

Seriously, I have not been this dedicated and motivated since when I was aiming for my 100 pound loss 2 years ago. There is something that caught on fire deep down inside and it has finally made its way to the surface and I am ready to get back down to my 101 pound weight loss.

Here are my stats:
I am 5'10
June 1st weight - 200.6
June 30th weight - 183.6
17 pounds gone and NEVER coming back!

1. To hit 189.8 --- DONE & DONE
2. To hit 175.0 --- I have 8.6 pounds to go
3. To hit 164.0 by my 28th birthday (8/22/85) --- I have 19.6 pounds to go and I have 53 days (6.5 weeks) to do it!!

If you think I killed it in June, just wait and see what I have in store for July!!!

Have a happy and healthy Monday!

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