Friday, July 26, 2013

1 bad day

Yesterday was a B-A-D day for me. I was exhausted. I was craving all kinds of food. I was bitchy. I was just not myself. I was annoyed and then getting annoyed at myself for being annoyed.

Do you ever have those kind of days?!

I ate a crap lunch, which I haven't done since the last day of May... which I think made it even worse. Then I left work an hour early (skipping my lunch so I could) so that I could go home and crash. I slept for 4 wonderful hours. Then I woke up, ate a crap dinner, and went back to bed.

The scale has been put up and will not make an appearance again until next Friday. Which was my idea because I did not want to beat myself up for having one off day. I have done perfect the last 2 months, and I have to remember that 1 off day is not going to kill me. To help me remember this, I pulled out a pair of size 12 junior jeans out of my huge pile of jeans and put those bad boys on... and I am wearing them now. Old Jordan probably would have grabbed a pair of comfy pants or a dress even, due to being bloated or feeling guilty. I decided to break that tradition. I put on the jeans and made myself realize that one bad day didn't erase all my hard work.

I did over sleep this morning, my body needed it obviously, so I ended up leaving the house with nothing packed for the day. Luckily, I have extra food at work and I had a gym bag (I didn't use yesterday) still in my car. I am back on track today and plan to stay that way until I land in New York City on my birthday in a month. I have logged my food for the day and have my workouts planned.

Remember, one bad day isn't going to make you fat just like one great day isn't going to make you fit.

You have to let the great days out weigh the bad. You have to plan and stick to the plan. You have to fight and fight hard. You have to surround yourself with people who are going to keep you accountable. You have to listen to your body and take a break when needed so you do not end up hurting yourself. You and you alone are the reason you will succeed or fail... there is no one else to blame but yourself!

You can do it!

Have a great Fit Friday and a wonderful weekend of staying on track and pressing forward!

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