Monday, February 22, 2016

Journey to 199.9!!!

Friday was my sister in law's 30th birthday so we went out to see a movie (How to be Single) at a local movie tavern. It is always hard eating out, but I looked at the menu before we left and decided to get a side salad with grilled chicken and no dressing. It came out and I had to ask if chicken was even on it because there was hardly ANY... hello I want protein! Sarah wanted cheese sticks but said she was only going to order if I will eat one. So I caved and ate ONE. Peer pressure at its finest... #ILoveCheese

Saturday morning was filled with a hardcore cardio workout. I love starting my day with a workout so I changed up the workouts plan to the challenge I am doing so it would fit my life a little bit better. Anyone who hasn't tried Alpha Amino Extreme... oh my gosh you should! I love Watermelon flavor but decided to try Fruit Punch this time, it is okay but I am going back to Watermelon after this months supply is over.  When I drink this it really helps me not crave diet cokes so much AND it helps with muscle soreness!!

Saturday afternoon was spent with my niece, Audy! She turns 11 this Saturday and I have the honor of hosting her sleepover at my house... it will be a mermaid theme (EEK I am so EXCITED). We needed to shop for decorations and food, so we hit up some stores while Uncle Casey went to work. Plus she is Dax's 2nd mom, so she entertained him while I cleaned my house and vegged out. I seriously love when she comes over!!

Sunday morning I woke up and weighed myself (because I am addicted, sue me) and I was 200.8!!! That is LESS than 1 pound until I am in ONDERLAND!!! My goal for the challenge I am doing is 199.8 by 2/28... I think I can I think I can!!!

Sunday morning we went to the new house and I conquered my fear of heights. We forgot to grab our ladder from the rent house so I could paint above the kitchen cabinets, so I improvised and climbed up on the counters. I had to hunch over (maybe that is why my neck is sore today) but I got the job done!! This house is ALMOST done!!! About 20 more days until we move, time to really buckle down. We have some minor touch ups here and there in the living room and kitchen and then we need to tackle our bedroom and bathroom (YUCK)!

Also, the cutest thing happened Sunday night... Dax made a new friend! Haha! Maybe I should sign him up for a baby class or play date or something. He stays home with Case in the mornings while I work and then when Case goes to work, he stays with me. He is never around other babies. Poor guy, he loved this baby though!!

Hope you guys had a GREAT weekend! I am ready to kick 199.9's butt this week... I will keep you posted!!!


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