Monday, February 29, 2016

Audrynn's Mermaid Sleepover

Audrynn is 11 years old!!! She is the funniest little girl you will ever meet and her laugh is very contagious!! I was over the moon thrilled when she asked me if I would host her birthday party... we are in the middle of moving and our house is bare and empty, but I just couldn't say no. Heck, I have a hard time saying no to my nieces.

The girls started to arrive and they were SO giddy and LOUD. I think they actually got louder the later the evening went on. I decided that before they got the party started, we would take a group photo. Arent they so cute and innocent looking? Oh to be 11 years old again. 

We started the night off with some birthday cake, hello its my favorite part of a birthday party! Then we went straight into the games. Audy wanted to play Minute To Win It games... first up, you pick a partner, put shaving cream on your head and then your partner has 1 minute to throw Cheetos on your head. It was a BLAST and very very messy. 

They really got in to the game and actually ended up doing way better than I thought they would. Oh and this morning I was still finding Cheetos in my kitchen!! 

If you have never played this game, I suggest you add it to your bucket list! The girls LOVED it. Oh and I need to add shaving cream to my grocery list this next week. Sorry Casey! 

They decided to go outside and throw shaving cream at each other and I added fuel to the fire by handing them each a can of silly string. My back yard was MESSY. They didn't think it was as much fun this morning when I made them clean it up this morning. 

They decided to take showers and used every single one of my towels. I mean, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM! Girls crack me up. My boys can use a washcloth to dry off... they each needed 2 towels. Haha! 

Then Aunt Jay needed some quiet time so I sat them down and let them decorate treasure chest (to go with the mermaid theme). I bought paint, washi tape, each of them had a rhinestone letter for their names, and we had pearls and other gemstone stickers. They all turned out so cute! They also all wrote letters to Audy and put them in a glass bottle... get it, a message in a bottle! 

It was time for the next game... bobbing for donuts! This one was SO SO SO funny!!! There is a video on my Instagram page (username: Jordashflowers). 

The last Minute To Win It game we played was where they had to blow up balloons and use the air in the balloons to knock of their cups. It was a quick game so I think they played a few times... I ended up going in my bedroom for a break at this point. Ha! 

Finally after a LOT of laughter and LOUD conversations... and a few prank calls (sorry mom), they FINALLY fell asleep. I passed out at midnight (I usually go to bed by 9 pm) so I have no clue what time they stayed up to. 

I wont lie, Sunday morning I was really excited to get in my kitchen at 7:30 am banging my pots and pans cooking my breakfast... I enjoyed every minute of the LOUDNESS I was creating. Sorry girls... 

All in all it was a GREAT birthday. It did make me very happy I have boys. I am sure that will change when they are 11 and wanting to have a sleepover... but for now, I am thankful. 

I love you Audrynn!!! Thanks for letting me host your party!!!


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