Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sunday Funday

This weekend we celebrated my niece, Audrynn, turning 11!! I have hosted her older sister, Madalynn's birthday parties the past 2 years and Audy wanted a turn this year. I asked her if we could do a mermaid theme and she was on board... I will blog more about her party later this week! 

Happy Birthday Little Miss Sassy Frass! 

 Also this weekend, I received Caleb's new Usborne books!!! My dear dear dear friend, Lisa, has started selling these books and I am hooked. Caleb is struggling to read and write so she suggested these books for him. He has been playing with them all afternoon. I also bought some books earlier this year from her for Dax... he loves to chew on them, I mean read them!! If you are interested in some AWESOME books check out her page HERE or HERE!! 

Saturday night I went to bed overwhelmed and my eyes were filled with tears. I have been so stressed out lately and everything seems to be piling on my plate. I told a friend the other day that I need someone to clean my plate off or give me a second plate because the one I have now is full and I cant handle it anymore. I have been frantically working on our house, moving, being Momma, being a wife, being Fit by Jordan, being a friend, being a good (part time) employee... it just started to get to me. I think the thing that really broke me was realizing I forgot 2 dates with 2 of my dearest friends. We had plans and I am usually really good at remembering this stuff and I just forgot!! I know I am human but it really bugged me and I felt awful for it. 

I decided I just needed a break from life. We had plans to work on the house before Casey left for work this afternoon and at breakfast I told him I needed a day to not deal with life. He offered to give me a day to myself but I really just wanted to spend the day with my boys not giving a damn about anything. We decided to go have lunch and play at the park. We tried out a local Mexican restaurant that I have had my eye on and I ate my weight in chips and blanco queso. And not one single damn was given... 

This was just what the doctor ordered... Tex-Mex always makes everything better... ALWAYS!!!

Due to Casey's schedule and everything we have going on, he never makes it to the park with us. He was excited to be able to push Dax on the swing for the first time. Dax LOVES the swing! 

If you are ever in the Fort Worth area you need to check out Adventure World park in NRH. We love it there and even heard that in a few weeks they will be adding shade pavilions!!! 

Having Casey there meant that I was able to actually play and enjoy the park. Having an extra set of eyes and hands to help out is such a stress reducer. I swung with Caleb, played on the slide with Dax and even kissed this handsome man over by the monkey bars!!

To end the day, I decided to take the boys with me to find a dress to wear to dinner on Tuesday night. Casey and I will be celebrating our 2 year wedding anniversary!! He took vacation from work (which is VERY rare for him to do), set up a sitter and booked us dinner reservations at the Reunion Tower in Dallas! Then on March 16th we will be heading to VEGAS to continue the celebration. We have been together for 4 years and Tuesday we will have been married 2 years... best years of my life for sure!! I plan on writing blog to Casey on Tuesday, so stay tuned!! I don't talk much about the details of our relationship because it is private and between Casey and myself, but each year I love to look back over the past 12 months and make notes of the downs and the ups to show us how far we have come and how much stronger we are now. 

I hope you all had a great Sunday Funday, I know I did. I cant wait to get back on track tomorrow and start LiveFit at 5am!!!


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