Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sore Body + Epsom Salt = Refreshed and ready to go

I have really been killing it at the gym this past week. Doing my interval trainings (cardio, weights, cardio, weights, then cool down) has left me really feeling it the next day. Its a good feeling to have, knowing I actually did something worth doing... but it doesn't always feel the best!

Last night, Casey went out with his friend after dinner, Caleb & Sky (a little boy I watch 3 days a week) laid down for bed at 7, lights out at 8 and then Sky left about 8:30.... I had a lot of ME time and I loved it. I completed my nightly workout, prepared my protein shake and then enjoined some T.V. time until Sky left. As soon as he did, I was in the bathroom filling the tub with some very hot water and some Epsom Salt. If you have never tried an Epsom Salt bath before, boy oh boy are you missing out. After about 40 minutes in the bath (when the water was getting cold) I got out, dried off and felt like a new woman!

Next time you are sore, invest in some Epsom Salt and trust me you wont be sorry! Oh and it can even work as a laxative... I have never tried it but I have heard good things.

Proud girlfriend moment - I mentioned Casey went out with his friend last night, well they ended up having a few beers (duh). He arrived back home about 10 p.m. and was very tired... BUT... 5 a.m. rolled around this morning and he was out of bed and headed to the Y so he could workout before heading to work. He is doing so good this week and I am very excited for both of us to weigh in Sunday morning and see how much our hard work has paid off, even though I have already been able to start telling by my pants not being as tight!

In the words of one of my dearest friends... "You're body really does love you when you treat it right!"

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