Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday Ramblings

You guys... we move in ONE WEEK!!!! I am so excited and so ready to spend the night together in our new house. It is happening on a Friday that Caleb doesn't go to his Dad's and Casey will be home... so we will all be staying the first night together! I am stoked!! Then the next day I will wake up and start unpacking and getting the house together. I might have been a little ambitious and offered to host Easter lunch this year. Easter is early this year... March 27th. I should be able to get the house ready by then!!!

This is the master bedroom wall that we will put up bed up against.... its so close to being done!!! We just need to finish this, paint our trims around the front and back doors, paint our tile in our shower and do some touch ups here and there and we are DONE... 7 days and counting!

Lets talk about Caleb for a bit... its one of my favorite subjects! He has been doing so good in Kindergarten. He did hit a rough patch with his behavior earlier in January but we snipped that in the bud really quickly and he is back to his sweet self. He also has been struggling with reading and writing but it seems to be getting easier and easier. He is addicted to writing "How To" stories right now... his last was "How To Say I Love You!"

Last night was Open House and we were able to go up and see his work. He was very nervous that we weren't going to like his writings but I was very impressed. We made sure to praise him the whole walk home to help build up his confidence. When we got back home, he started another story. I am so proud of our little guy! Today at school the kids were able to pick a country and dress up. Caleb chose Germany because my sister and brother in law were stationed over there for a few years and my oldest niece, Madalynn, was born there. He practiced saying "No" and "I Love You" all week long. He even asked me to look up videos on how to say his name in German.

While packing for the move, I found ALL of these towels. They have slowly been piling up from my trips to all the different gyms I have belonged to over the years. I don't mean to take them home but I guess I do more than I like to admit. Haha! I do try and take them back when I remember but these are so raggy and worn out now that its not worth it. Instead I use them as hair towels. You see what happens is, I don't sweat that much so I grab a towel, stick it in my gym bag (you know just in case I need it), I end up not needing it and I head home. Please tell me I am not the only one that does this...

Not sure if I really announced it or not, but I am currently doing the SkinnyMeg Spring Challenge. I like it because it gives us little task to do each day, something I usually wouldn't think about doing... like yesterdays was yoga! Yes, I have done yoga before and it does help... but its just not for me. I don't have the patience for how slow it is and I rather do cardio or lift. But since it was on the challenge list, I had to do it.
Welp, that's all I got for today! I hope you have a wonderful fantastic Friday!!!


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