Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Waiting on Vegas

A few hours stand between me and vacation!!! You guys, I am SO ready. Actually that is probably a huge understatement. I am more than SO ready. I NEED THIS NOW!!!!

Buying a house, moving, work, the boys, losing weight, everything has got me on edge and I need to take a chill pill and just spend some much needed time alone with my husband far far away from home!!!

Every year we take a Mommy & Daddy trip in March (for our anniversary) and a family trip in the summer. I love both trips but I think this one is my favorite. Working a different shift than Casey, I start really missing him. This trip lets us just have one on one time without any interruptions. We travel very well together... he is very spontaneous and I am a planner, so we even each other out. Plus on vacation we don't fight because we aren't at home and I am not getting annoyed with him leaving things where they don't go. Seriously that is our biggest fight we have. He is so scatterbrained.

Usually when we go on vacation, I am packed and ready to go a couple days in advance.... NOT THIS TIME!!! This past weekend was spent unpacking boxes in the house and the last thing I wanted to do was start packing stuff back up. Tonight is crunch time! I have to pack Dax's stuff and take it to my mother in laws house (she is watching him while we are gone and Caleb is going to his dads house). Then I have to start packing mine and Casey's stuff. I am only packing him because he is working tonight, otherwise he would be packing himself. We leave at 7:30 am to head to the airport so everything needs to be done tonight because I will only have a small window of time from my morning workout to when we need to leave and that will be spent getting the boys up, fed and out the door on time.

The fun part of packing for this trip is that all of my smaller clothes (before miscarriage and Dax) are starting to fit me again... it is kind of like having a whole new wardrobe. I am sure my closet will be destroyed by the time I am done packing but oh well, life goes on! I do still need to find something green to wear for Thursday. I bought a cute green headband but that's all I got so far. Maybe I will just wear that and hope I don't get pinched!

Yall, I am so ready to just hang out, eat, watch some shows, eat, spend time with my husband and EAT!!!!

Vegas... here we come!!!


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