Sunday, March 6, 2016

This Past Week

Maintaining is something I struggle with, obviously... This is my third time to lose this weight! Haha! 

A week ago I hit 199.4!! I was over the moon excited but I was also over the moon stressed out and I needed a break from everything. Last Sunday we went out to eat and spent the day not caring about really anything (see my blog HERE). 

Tuesday, Casey and I celebrated 2 years of marriage by going out to eat at Reunion Tower in Dallas, Texas. Let's just say I didn't count macros or calories much that day and I made sure I licked the plate clean!! For as much as we spent, I wanted to make sure we ate every single last crumb that was served to us. Ha!!! We also enjoyed a few cocktails. I hardly ever drink, like to the point that Casey and I had a conversation at dinner about trying to remember the last time I did have a drink... I rather eat my calories than drink them.

AND... I stopped cardio this week. Insert shocked face here... I started Jamie Eason's LiveFit and for the first 4 weeks there is zero cardio. Lift lift and more lifting!! I have been trying to go heavier with each workout and my goal is to up my weight each week. Momma wants muscle!! But on the flip side, when I don't do cardio, the scale hardly ever moves. 

With last Sunday's binge meal, Tuesday's anniversary dinner and no cardio all week long... Oh and it was the time of the month... I was scared to step on the scale. I stepped on it Wednesday morning and was back up to 203.0!! I wasn't happy! 

I pushed on and got back on track with my macros and made sure to follow JELF hardcore. All of that and being in the middle of a move (been busting my booty getting the house ready to move in, packing the old house and moving), I am happy to say I am back down, plus a few more ounces gone!!

Sunday to Sunday I lost 0.2 pounds! Which is way better than a gain I thought I was going to have after stepping on the scale Wednesday.

This week was one of my first weeks in a very long time to not lose big (at least 1.5 pounds or more). It was a bummer for sure BUT I am so proud of myself for maintaining the loss and not being up on the scale after the week ended!! 

Here is to a hardcore week coming up!! I don't have any cheats scheduled this week (actually I don't plan on having another cheat until we get to Vegas on the 16th), we officially move into our house on Friday (the movers come Friday morning to move all of our big items) and it will be my last week at my gym (I'll blog about that later this week)!!

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday... if you need me, I will be moving more "crap" and working on the new house. 


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