Thursday, March 10, 2016

Move Day is NEAR!!!

In the words of Caleb Scott... ONE MORE SLEEP UNTIL THE NEW HOUSE!!!!

Tomorrow the movers come at 9am to pack up the rest of our house (mainly just the big items that I couldn't fit in my SUV... the beds, the couches, the kitchen table, etc) and by the time I get off work at lunch time, we will be living at the new house! I am stoked and so very excited. We still have SO much to do but knowing that I can work on the house while living there, instead of traveling back and forth between 2 houses, is heaven!!!

Even though this is move week, we still have so much normal going on. Yesterday I joined the kindergarten teachers up at Caleb's school and we threw his teacher a surprise wedding shower. She is getting married Saturday. Caleb was bummed he couldn't marry her so I thought maybe a little party would help cheer him up. I made all the boys in the class bow ties, made the girls veils and they each had a little rose to give to her. Then they took a group photo and gave her a frame that they all signed. One of the other teachers also had them fill out marriage advice... it was ADORABLE!!!

Since we are in the middle of the move, grocery shopping has been a little rough. We have been taking food back and forth between both houses and people (I wont mention any names but it rhymes with Pasey) have been eating food that they shouldn't be eating... so we have ran out of stuff faster than I thought we would. I usually only grocery shop on Fridays or Saturdays but last night I had to make a pit stop at the local grocery store to pick up a few things. I had been at the new house painting my craft room in hideous paint clothes and didn't notice what I looked like until half way through when I walked by a freezer door and caught my reflection... oh gosh! I am one of those people who can careless what others think about me so I decided to take a picture and have a laugh!

Oh and today is 4 years since Casey and my first date!!!! The date was a good one, we laughed, we talked a lot and we really clicked. When he dropped me off he didn't kiss me good night , instead he gave me a hug with a pat on the back and then said "See you on down the road..." I was really confused and thought that he didn't like me. But, here we are 4 years down the road!!!

Let me just say... Casey Joe, you are never allowed to shave your beard sir! #BabyFace


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