Monday, March 7, 2016

Switching Gyms

With moving, I knew I would eventually have to switch gyms. I was NOT happy about this at all. I love my gym so much but they don't have one close to my new house. I decided I would stay for a few more months and make the commute... at least until summer when Amber (my gym buddy) and I were finished with LiveFit. Yes, I loved my gym that much. Loved, past tense!
Then the ball started rolling on something that started out UH-MAZING and then would end in me quitting the gym a lot sooner than I ever anticipated. Its kind of a long story... sorry!

Friday February 12th while I was finishing up my cardio at the gym, I received a notification on Instagram (see below) I was intrigued, really excited and really flattered! Before I left to head home, I stopped by the front desk to make sure this person was legit and see what they thought about it all. The girl at the front desk (who I am friends with) confirmed it was a real person and they did in fact work there. I got to work a few hours later and was SO excited to give them a call...

When I called in and asked for the person, they patched me over to her and she took no time at all introducing herself and telling me about who she was and why she contacted me. She was very nice about it all and told me that I would be featured as the Member of the Month and also featured on a success wall she was creating. I was over the moon excited!!! Member of the Month received a front row parking spot and their picture up on the bulletin. I have wanted to be Member of the Month for as long as I could remember!!! The success wall was just an added plus for me.


She asked me to come in for an "interview" so she could get the ball rolling. When I went in, she told me right off the bat that I will not be Member of the Month but that I will be featured on the success wall still. I wont lie, I was CRUSHED! Don't tell someone one thing and then go back and change it! She said that Member of the Month is something other members nominate you for. She went on to talk about herself the entire "interview" and barley gave me time to talk about my journey... isn't that why you called me in, to talk about my journey? She handed me a form with questions on it and told me to fill it out and send it back to her and she will get the board started the first week of March.

I left with a bitter taste in my mouth and even told Casey I wasn't going to go along with it if I couldn't be Member of the Month. Yes I am a brat but I was REALLY excited to be Member of the Month after years of being a member there. He said for me to go ahead and do it and that he will vote for me in the Member of the Month box. A few of my other girlfriends who are members there also started to vote for me. Caleb even submitted one! I was so honored!! Maybe I will be Member of the Month after all.

(that's me working out on the treadmill)

Then Friday February 26th I received an email from this lady telling me to stop nominating myself for Member of the Month. That I will be on the success wall and that should be enough for me. First of all, I didn't nominate myself for Member of the Month and I can't help that my friends and family were doing it. And second, who are you to tell me that your success wall should be enough for me?  How rude! I text my gym buddy Amber and was so upset I was shaking. I sent her the email to see how she would react to it, maybe I was wearing my heart on my sleeves? Amber reacted the same way I did and so did Casey and Amber's husband (our husbands are so even keel so if they get upset about something, it is worth getting upset about). Amber decided to write in an email and tell them she was putting in for me to be Member of the Month and that she knew other people putting in for me as well and for them not to accuse me without having their facts straight.
The reply was what really blew me away... the lady replied to Amber and said for me to be happy I am going to be featured on the success wall and that for me to basically chill out because SHE was going to make me a superstar. Ummm hold the bus!!! No one and I mean NO ONE will ever take credit for MY hard work and MY dedication! I have made myself a superstar (not that I consider myself a superstar at all by any means)! The email back to Amber was all about her and how she was fighting to tell my story and how she wanted to do this and how she wanted to do that. It was really the cherry on the cake for me.
I took the weekend to really think about it all, to calm down and figure out what I really wanted to do.

Monday February 29th, I decided to cancel my families membership. It was a hard decision but I wasn't going to make a long commute to a gym that lied to me, accused me of doing something I didn't do and then try and take credit for MY hard work!!! I have my membership until the end of the month but since we are moving this Friday, I have decided that this will be my last week at that gym. Amber even gave her notice and will be switching to same gym as me, but a different location (bummer).
Saturday I plan on hitting the gym close to my house and signing up for a membership.  



  1. RUDE!! Very rude of that lady to take credit for your hard work.. I would email her and nominate you, you've put in the hard work and dedication. I hope you join a nice gym by your new house and will love it just as much!!

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