Monday, January 12, 2015

A relaxing weekend

This past weekend in Texas, it was cold and wet. I hate the cold. To the point that I rather stay in the house on the couch all day under a blanket, than be productive at all. Winter is NOT my cup of tea. I am more of a summer, shorts, flip flops and tank tops kind of girl!!
With that being said, I stayed in the majority of the weekend. It was nice to just be at home with nothing to do but relax... as much as you can relax with a 5 year old running around shouting out "would you rather" questions!
He loves that game and how can you say no to this crazy face (this is the face he makes now when I ask him to smile, goofy kid)!
"Would you rather eat dinosaur poop or jump off a mailbox?" - Caleb
Staying in all weekend gave me some time to plan out my week and well, the next couple months. I contacted my photographer and hair dresser and lined up some plans for my maternity photos. I found an idea on Pinterest a couple weeks ago to do a Pin Up theme maternity shoot... I am so excited! My photographer and hairdresser are on board... now to grow this belly the next couple months so the photos will be as cute as these I found! These photos will kind of be like my "motivation" photos that I will use to remind me to go to the gym/pool and to really stay on track with my eating!
Sunday we had some family over to watch the Dallas Cowboys play, it was fun having them all there and having a group of people to cook for. I love cooking, but growing up in a big family, I tend to always cook too much for our family of 3. I made a taco bar and they loved it! Tip: when cooking meals with ground beef, skip the beef and use ground turkey instead. Trust me, no one will be able to tell.

Sadly, our Cowboys lost the game by 5... BUT... they had a GREAT season (13-5) and that is all I am going to say about that! Win, Lose, or Tie... I am a Cowboys fan until I die!!
*Please no ugly comments about my Boys or about the catch MADE by Dez*
I hope everyone is ready to have a happy and healthy week! I just looked at the forecast and realized it is going to be sunny and highs in the 60's later this week and this weekend... that helps put a smile on my face some!!!

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