Thursday, January 22, 2015

Applying Fabric to Walls

After posting the blog about Dax's nursery, I had a couple of people ask me how I applied the polka dots onto the wall.. well, here ya go!
I found this idea on Pinterest and was intrigued that I could decorate a wall in the nursery without having to repaint the wall when we move out (we are currently in a rent house). I decided to test this out in a closet just in case it was a Pinterest fail. It ended up not being a fail at all... so it was time to get to work!!
The Pinterest post said to purchase fabric stiffener in spray form at Michaels. Well, I am a Hobby Lobby kind of girl and couldn't find it in spray form, but I did find it in paste form. I also purchased foam paint brushes to apply it.
The fabric was the next step... I went ahead and bought 2 yards of each color of fabric (yellow, gray and turquoise) and started cutting out circles. I measured the wall and kind of drew out a pattern on the wall with a pencil so I knew how many of each color I needed. Rough estimate... 23 gray and turquoise and 46 yellow. Lets start the cutting!!!
After I cut them out, I flipped them over so that the back of the fabric was facing up. I laid down wax paper for easy clean up. Then I applied the fabric stiffener to the back side of the fabric and let them dry for a couple of hours.
The next step was to heat up the iron... easy as pie! (Yummy, pie!!)
Then it is very simple from here on out... you just put the fabric on the wall and iron it on. And BAM... it sticks to the wall!!!
To take it off, you just pull it off and the wall is back to normal!!!
Don't like polka dots? You can cut any shape out of the fabric... The Pinterest post I found was for a fabric picture frame. The opportunities are endless, so get creative!!

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