Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Back to the Basics

Yesterday was my 1st time at the gym since being pregnant, so... 18 long weeks! I have to admit, I am out of shape!!
I walked 5 blocks to my gym on my lunch break and used that as my warm up. To be honest climbing the flight of stairs to the locker room could have been used at my warm up. Haha! Please don't think I am joking, because I am not! Going from doing basically nothing the past 4 1/2 months to getting my butt back in gear while carrying a baby bump, it was work!

I changed, took my gym selfie (because it really didn't happen if you don't take a selfie, duh!) and headed out the floor. I have  to stop and admit something here, I kind of felt sexy. I don't know why, so I guess it was because I am pregnant and working out. I don't know?! I never worked out with Caleb so this was a new feeling for me... and I loved it. It is actually what drove me when I wanted to give up. I had a few stares from people as I worked out and that helped too. I am pregnant, not injured... I have to keep reminding myself of that.

I started with arms...
Alternating bicep curls - 7.5 pounds - 10 on each arm for 3 sets
Overhead Press - 7.5 pounds - 10 reps/3sets
Triceps kickbacks -7.5 pounds - 10 reps/3sets
Hammer Curls - 12.5 pounds (someone took the 7.5 and the 10s) - 10 reps/3sets
Tricep extension (overhead) - 12.5 pounds - 10 reps/3sets

Then finished up with cardio...
Elliptical - 30 minutes, manual speed, intensity 4 and incline 1
Bike - 10 minutes cool down

I wont lie, about 10 minutes into the cardio all I could think about was food. I wanted to quit so bad and go grab some lunch. Then about 20 minutes in all I could think about was if this is hard, labor is going to be horrible for me. I decided to stay on and fight for this, fight for my energy level to go back up, fight to get back in shape and fight for my health.

I have been so scared to get back in the gym and have made so many excuses since being released to go back to the gym at 12 weeks... I am glad that today is my Monday and that I pushed my fears aside and went back to the gym.

I am very proud of myself!


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