Thursday, January 8, 2015

Water Aerobics

I am part of a pregnancy website (sort of like Facebook but for only pregnant women... and I met someone on there and we talk almost daily. It is nice to have someone who is due around the same time I am who I can vent to and bounce ideas off of.

She mentioned she is taking a prenatal water aerobics class and that I should look into it. She knows that I have a fear of going back into the gym and said I should try to find one in my area. I looked and looked and LOOKED!!! However, after looking I could only find classes that were during my work hours. I started to get really bummed out.

Until... I found one at the city rec at a city that is very close to my house. They offer night classes AND daycare for my 5 year old, Caleb. Hello, WIN WIN!!!

The classes are on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. So I am going to try and find a bathing suit that fits (I think I have one in the back of my closet) so I can go this weekend. If not, I will go on Monday for sure!

All I am allowed to do is light impact cardio... but I have a really bad knee that sometimes gives out when I am carrying more weight then normal (hello baby boy) and so I am scared it will give out and I will fall. With that, I am stuck to either the bike or the pool. I am so happy and relieved I found this pool with a night schedule!!



  1. I love aqua fit! Especially when pregnant!

  2. Hey hun, I've come across from CMP (sianny) as I've recently had my little girl but you've inspired me to start blogging especially as I found it therapeutic using the journal on CMP. I'm just catching up on your story here atm and finding it hard (procrastinating actually) to start my own lol especially with little one now here.