Thursday, January 29, 2015

Arms... Arms... ARMS!!!

One of my biggest problem areas have always been my arms... I hate them! I am not one to cover them up because of my hatred for them, because lets face it, if you don't like me because of my fat arms well I really don't want you to be my friend anyways. BUT I do hate them and wish they were smaller.
The 1st time I lost my weight (before my reconstructive knee surgery and depression in 2012) I had focused on cardio and not so much on weights. My arms shrunk but nothing like I had hoped for.
When I lost my weight the 2nd time (2013) I started lifting weights and BOOM... I started seeing the change I wanted. Who knew that lifting weights would help change my arms. Ha! By the time of my wedding (March 2014), I didn't hate my arms anymore... I didn't LOVE them either but I was proud of my baby bicep and how that didn't droop down as much anymore. (the picture is blurry because I had to zoom way in... sorry not sorry)
Since quitting the gym after my miscarriage (summer of 2014), I have noticed that my muscles in my arms were the 1st set of muscles to pack their bags and leave me. It sucked but at that point I didn't care. Now that I am allowed back in the gym, I am going to focus on getting that muscle back. It is going to take time to build up my strength and it will take time because I am only allowed to lift light weights... but I am going to do it.
I plan on to lift upper body at least twice a week, while doing cardio daily, and adding in a yoga session weekly. Today I planned on doing arms but I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do and then yesterday Skinny Meg (LOVE her) posted a great arm workout... so I did that one! I did have to modify it some since I am pregnant, but it was a GREAT workout and I can tell tomorrow I will probably be sore.
If you have never visited Skinny Meg's website, you are missing out... she is so down to earth, tells it how it is, a working mom (whose kids are way adorable) who is on a mission to lose weight... oh and she is funny!!!
Oh and just because I am loving my belly (heck, I never thought I would say that) so much here lately, I will end this blog with a belly picture and a quick update on Dax. We had our anatomy scan yesterday and he is doing great. He is 10 ounces and a little longer than 6 inches and measuring ahead of schedule... so they moved my due date up 3 days, not much but when your pregnant every day counts! Next Tuesday will mark 20 weeks and we will officially be half way done baking this little baby boy!!

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