Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Coat

A couple years ago (2012), Casey bought me this beautiful white coat for Christmas. The 1st year I had it, I wont lie... it was snug as a bug in a rug! This past winter (2013), I had lost so much weight (yay me) that it was big enough for myself AND Caleb to wear at once... see picture below.

This year, it fits again. Initially I was sad about it. That is until Timehop (best app ever) brought up the picture above and reminded me that last year my jacket was big enough for 2 people.

It made me realize... The jacket doesn't fit again because I gained weight and I am back to where I started in 2012. NO, the jacket fits again because I am pregnant. The jacket is still big enough for 2 people!!!

Instant smile on my face!

When you are pregnant, it is so easy to beat yourself up over your pants being too tight, your shirts not being the right size, and heck your shoes even start to feel too small at times. You (or at least I did) start to think "wow I am such a cow, I cant believe I have let myself get this big this quickly."

Looking back on the last 16 weeks, I haven't eaten bad at all... heck I hardly have eaten that much due to my illness. My calorie intake is not what is causing my clothes not to fit. I have to remind myself that I was not allowed to workout the 1st 13 weeks of this pregnancy, this is my 3rd pregnancy, this is my 2nd pregnancy this year, my body is changing and preparing for Dax to grow more and more... it is a GOOD thing!

So the next time I put my coat on and start to get down about it being snug again, I am going to try and remind myself... it isn't snug because of weight gain, it is snug because it is being worn by 2 people!!

I hope whatever struggles you are facing today, tomorrow, this year, that you can try and find a positive spin on them. That you can see the silver lining to the problem at hand. And that you can make the most out of the hand you have been dealt.


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