Friday, January 16, 2015

Gaining weight... it's a good thing, right?

Today I am 17 weeks pregnant!! Each Friday, I try to remember to weigh myself to see where I am on gaining weight for this pregnancy.

It is funny to me because I am use to weighing myself on Friday's to see that I have either maintained or lost weight... not checking on weight gains! Haha

Two weeks ago, week 15, I was still down 2 pounds from what I weighed on week 3. I had lost 9-10 pounds my 1st trimester due to my morning sickness and not being able to really eat anything at all. I knew this couldn't last forever, I knew eventually I would HAVE to gain weight.... I was just hoping it would be later on, like week 40! Just kidding.

Well, today was that day... I gained weight! I gained the 2 pounds I was down, plus another pound on top of that! So now I have officially gained 1 pound this pregnancy (even though I look like I have gained 30)!!

I have started to be able to eat again, which is a good and bad thing. I have been very picky (which I usually am not) and only been wanting to eat hotdogs. I do crave a salad here and there with ranch, kind of good, kind of bad, but it is mostly hotdogs 24/7. I have been eating them for morning snacks, lunch, afternoon snacks and dinner. The only time I don't eat them is for breakfast when I am craving honey nut cheerios.

Hotdogs are not the best thing for you, so I am going to start buying turkey dogs and wheat buns and see how Dax likes that!

My doctor and I sat down at the start of this pregnancy and decided that 15-25 pounds would be my goal. Still, it cracks me up that I am making goals with my doctor to gain weight! Haha!!! I am going to really focus on staying on track with our plan because with Caleb, I gained 60+ pounds and after giving birth to him, I was at my heaviest weight ever (see picture below, that was me 36 weeks pregnant with Caleb, ouch). This time around, I want it to be different and it will be. I am more aware of nutritional facts and I actually own a gym membership (just need to use it now) and I have a plan for after Dax arrives to get back into shape.

How much weight did you gain in your pregnancy?


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