Tuesday, April 14, 2015

30 Weeks - Pregnancy Update

I think I can... I think I can!!!

We officially are in the single digits for our countdown... 9 weeks (or less) to go until we meet Dax Marshall!!!

Can you tell I am excited?!

How Far Along? 30 Weeks!!
(Dress is from Ross - I bought it for $13 and it is not maternity, I sized up and made sure it was stretchy. I will be able to wear it after giving birth until I am back down to my regular size)
Size of Baby: Cucumber. He is weighing a little over 3 pounds and is about 15 1/2 inches long. This is according to the website, we will not have another measurement sonogram with our doctor until we have reached 36 weeks... so the end of May.
Weight Gain: I peaked at my last appointment and did the math, I have gained about 30 pounds the past 30 weeks. Which I am pretty proud, if I continue at this rate I will be right around a 40 pound gain which is 25-30 pounds less than with Caleb!!!
Maternity Clothes: So I wasn't a fan of SticthFix. It is more for skinny cute pregnant women. Plus they sent me a lot of warm clothes and well I live in Texas and have hot flashes, warm clothes during spring aren't ideal. So I have been stocking up on dresses from Ross each paycheck. I am having to wear a long tank top under my shirts if I do wear jeans or shorts, because my belly hangs out. Gotta love carrying low and being 5'10!
Stretch marks: No more than usual.
Symptoms: I have been cranky lately but I chalk it up to not being able to sleep. I usually wake up short of breath (my belly is huge) or from a hot flash, then insomnia sets in. When I do sleep, I think my mood is much better. I am just done being pregnant...

Cravings: Sweet Tea and Chick Fil A sandwiches... it is the only chicken I can stomach. I have had a #1 so many times this past month, it is crazy!!
Gender: We had a 4D sonogram (which was a bust and have to go back this Saturday to try again) but the tech did say... "It is still a boy!" Dax loves to show off his manhood for sure!
Nursery: I love just sitting in there and looking at things, dreaming of our baby being here with us. It is my quiet happy place for sure.
Movement: He has been kicking a lot and Casey has been able to feel him a bit more, but not as much as he would like. He does move more at night time (which Casey works nights) and usually after I eat something sweet. From our 4D sonogram last weekend, we did learn that he is balled up and head down.
Sleep: Ha! I can take a great nap on the couch, actually had a 4 hour one yesterday and it was awesome!!!  
Workouts: I have froze my gym membership. Womp Womp!!!
What I Miss: Sleeping at night in my bed with my husband (he snores so I kicked him out and he is now sleeping in our guest room). Being able to sneeze or cough without peeing. Not being short of breath. Walking normal, instead of waddling!!!
Belly Button in or out? In
Mood: Like I said earlier, it depends on if I have sleep or not. 
Wedding ring on or off? It is off... I woke up the other night in pain and had to stick my hand in the freezer to get it off. I am now wearing it around my neck.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Raw chicken still grosses me out horribly!!!
Best Moment This Week: Being able to have a lazy weekend (last weekend)with my husband and Caleb.
Labor Signs: Braxton Hicks.
Looking Forward To: Vacation day Friday (ME DAY), 3/4D sonogram (redo) on Saturday, booking our flights to South Carolina for August (Dax will be going with us too), and our next appointment which is on the 29th... it was supposed to be the 22nd BUT our doctor is on vacation that week so we pushed it back one week. I will be 32 weeks pregnant.

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