Monday, April 27, 2015

Six Flags & Maternity Photos

In January, Casey and I decided that each month leading up to Dax's arrival, we would do some BIG special day for Caleb!!! For April, I planned out a day of F-U-N in Glenrose, Texas. First we would hit up Dino World and then feed the animals from our car at Fossil Rim Wildlife.
Caleb had other plans... He had his heart set on going to Six Flags!!! Since I am 8 months pregnant (and my ankle is still recovering) this meant that it was going to be a boy day... have to admit, I was kind of butt hurt, but knew that Casey and Caleb needed some bonding time just the 2 of them.
Friday Casey worked the day shift and was home normal hours!!! This is VERY rare and it actually happened twice this month. LOVE IT. We didn't do much, just hung out around the house and hit up Dairy Queen at the request of the 5 year old.

Saturday morning, I woke the boys up early (8am... I actually woke up at 6am but let them sleep in to rest up for their day of fun). Caleb was SO excited and kept asking us to measure him to see if he grew any over night. He is 48 inches and really wants to ride the Batman and Mr. Freeze, but you have to be 54 inches. Maybe next year buddy!!

They spent the day at the park and I spent the day at home! My plan was to get up and go shopping but nesting took over and I ended up cleaning the whole house. We usually have chore day on Sunday... not this week! The boys were thrilled to come home and learn that all the chores were done. After cleaning the house, I decided to relax and unwind in a warm lavender bubble bath. It was a perfect day alone.

The boys finally returned, I thought they would be back at 3-4pm but they didn't make it home until almost 8pm... they were having too much fun. Not that you can tell by this picture (he was scared of the Bobsled but Casey made him ride it and he ended up loving it so much they rode it twice)!!!

Sunday was a day I have been looking forward to for a long time... MATERNITY PHOTOS!!!! I called and scheduled a time to take pictures at the Truck Yard in lower Greenville and had approval from the manager for Sunday morning at 9am to 11am. My photographer and friend (Alicia Mitchell Photography) came over and rode with us...

Plus side to not having daughters... I don't have to fix anyone's hair but my own!!!!
We arrived and while taking our photos, about half way through, a waitress rudely asked us what we were doing because they didn't open until 11. Yes we are aware of that and I have permission to be here. She left us alone, kinda... she paired up with another waitress and started to watch us and giggle. One of them even said "This isn't glamour shots!" It made me really peeved and so we decided to go ahead and finish up early and take some outside of the Truck Yard instead. Annoying that people will try to steal your joy like that... boo!

I am so excited to see the pictures... this is one of Casey's outfits he wore! Man he is such a great sport... love him!!!
The rest of Sunday we just hung out at home and relaxed. It was a perfect, low key weekend for sure!!!

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