Friday, April 3, 2015

Cough Cough... Pee!

I sit here thinking of the days before I had kids, the days where if I coughed or sneezed I wasn't afraid of peeing in my pants. Now here I am wearing a panty liner (with back up undies in my purse) because you never know what the next cough or sneeze will bring you.
Welcome to my blog today!
Happy Friday!!
Haha! If you are a Mom, you will totally relate to my blog today. If you are a woman who isn't a mom yet, here is what your future (might) look like. And if you are a man... well this blog will serve as a reminder that the woman in your life is AMAZING for what she puts her body through to give you a child and you should pamper her and make sure to show her how much you love her!
With Caleb (my 1st born) I do not remember peeing my pants as much as I have with Dax, but I still remember the few times I did. Once was when I was sitting on the couch at my sisters and my brother in law farted and it smelled so bad. I started gagging really hard and coughing uncontrollably... and then peed my pants! Mind you, this was the ONLY pair of pants that I owned that fit my huge 30+ week belly. I had to take my pants off, have my sister wash them and sit with a towel covering my lower body until they were done.
Then after I had given birth, a few month down the road, I remember peeing my pants doing jumping jacks while training with my trainer. I had to quit my workout and go home to change.
Now here I am pregnant with Dax and the peeing of the pants has started back up, but this time it is hardcore!!! So I suffer from acid reflux really bad this time around. It is so bad that after I eat anything (even soup) I feel like I have something stuck in my throat. I am constantly coughing and clearing my throat after meal time. I sometimes cough so bad that... yep you guessed it... I end up peeing my pants!
This actually JUST happened to me! I was in my office, I had finished my morning snack, I was coughing hard core and BOOM... a co-worker (male) was walking down the hall and he made eye contact with me at the exact moment I peed. He said "What happened?" I started laughing and said "just be thankful guys cant get pregnant" and ran to the bathroom. Well I didn't run, I waddled... running might make the pee come out again!
Oh the joys of being pregnant and having kids! I swear Dax and Caleb owe me big time... just like I am sure I owe my mom and she owes hers and so on and so on.
So today, make sure to stop and tell your mom you love her because after all you are probably the reason she pees a little each time she coughs or sneezes!!!

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