Monday, April 20, 2015

The Fall

Last Tuesday I had a girls night with 3 of my lovely friends. We had dinner and then went to see The Age of Adaline... I won free tickets to a premier... WOW it was a great movie!!!

Well we got there right when it started and the only seats were down in the front, like 2 rows back from the screen.
We took our seats, then three of us went potty while one of the girls held the seats. I waddle... I am 8 months pregnant, so waddling is a must now. Well as I was walking back to my seat it was dark and I don't know if my knee gave out, if I slipped or what happened...but I fell down the stairs... in front of everyone!!! Imagine a 8 month pregnant lady waddling across the theater to her seat and then BAM she is on the floor. The whole place gasped and all eyes were on me!!!

Luckily, I am use to falling. Haha! Luckily!!! So instead of falling forward, I threw myself backwards and to the left (towards the handrails). In doing so, my ankle twisted and swelled up right away!!!

Dax was okay and kicking so I wasn't worried about him too much, as I didn't hit my belly or anything.

I propped my ankle up (I had an outside seat) and enjoyed the movie as much as I could. My sister in law sat next to me and I don't think she even watched the movie. She was so worried (she had never seen me fall before and it freaked her out a lot)... I felt more sorry for her than I did myself!

(The ankle the night of the fall when I got home)

The next day I went to the doctors and had X-Rays done. Looks like I have 2 previous breaks on the top of my foot that have never healed properly and they cant tell if I re-broke it or if I just irritated the old break... so I am being sent to the orthopedic doctor this Wednesday.
(This was my ankle on Sunday night)
We also went to Labor and Delivery and checked up on Dax, even though I knew he was fine... Casey needed to go and make sure for himself. They wanted to keep me for 6 hours, HA! At hour 2 I got really hangry (they wont let you eat in there) and I told them I was leaving. Well, Casey told them for me. Dax was fine, thank goodness!!!
Being 8 months pregnant and having a swollen/hurt ankle is NO fun... I highly suggest you do NOT try this at home!!!
OH and I don't waddle anymore, I now waddle/gimp limp!!! It is all the rage now days!!!

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