Friday, April 10, 2015

A day in the life of...

Have you ever wondered what a day of my life looked like?
I decided to blog my routine for you {pictures included}

This isn't just for you though... this is for me! Since I am about to become a mother of 2, I am taking 12 weeks off (hello summer vacation) and then going back to work part time in the fall instead of going back full time... I want to remember life like it is now! Hectic, crazy and beautiful!!!

A typical work day starts at 5:30 am... I end up hitting the snooze until 5:45am and then again until 6:00 am. Finally, I force myself out of bed and get ready for work. I am a planner so I usually have my outfit picked out the night before. It isn't always laid out, but I do mentally know what I am wearing.

Right now Casey is sleeping in the guest room (he snores, my back hurts and I am 7 months pregnant... if I don't have sleep I am a  ______ {insert a bad word here}... so he took one for the team and uses our guest room) so that means I have full use of our room. I am able to turn on the all the lights and get ready in the room AND the bathroom instead of being stuck in the bathroom.

Usually around the time I am done getting ready, 6:10am because I am so not a girly girl, Caleb is waking up. He doesn't go to school until 9, but he loves to wake up with me and enjoy a few minutes of my time before I leave for work.

I fix him and myself breakfast, take my vitamins, sit my lunch on the counter by my purse (that I packed the night before) and then enjoy breakfast with him on the couch. Sometimes he is a pain in the butt and sometimes he is the sweetest little boy ever. As much as I would love to have some quiet Jordan time before work, I enjoy this time with him because I know one day he will be a grumpy teenager that can careless about hanging out with Mom before work and school.
This particular morning, we was in a GREAT mood because I bought him markers and Frozen stickers the night before and he was ready to color 1st thing in the morning! He is krafty like his momma...

6:35 am I head out the door to head to work. Caleb usually stands at the door to the garage and waves goodbye as I pull out of the drive and the garage door closes. He seriously is a Mama's Boy!!!

I make it to work by 7am and start my day! Around 9am I receive a call from Caleb and Casey, it is usually from the parking lot of the school right before Casey takes him to his class. We say our good mornings (again) and I remind him I will pick him up at 4... like I always do. Then it is back to work for me.

From 7-11 am I working... then 11ish - 12ish I enjoy some free time on lunch. You use to find me at the gym on lunch but here lately I am either sleeping, enjoying time with friends, or sitting at my desk with my door closed watching Netflix. I do miss the gym, but I also LOVE this alone Jordan quiet time! Then it is back to work until 4.

What do I do for a living? I am an Associate Land Analyst at a Oil and Gas Company. My workload is dealing with West Virginia Oil and Gas Leases... fun stuff!

When it is quitting time, I head to Caleb's school and pick him up. My office is downtown and his school is only 4-5 blocks away. This is a plus and a negative. I love having him so close BUT it also makes the ride home long... the boy LOVES to talk. This is a VERY rare picture of him being quiet in the car, this almost NEVER happens!
We make it home around 4:30ish (depending on the Fort Worth traffic on 35, yuck) and then our night begins. Mind you, Casey works 3pm to 11pm so M-F I am home alone with Caleb... and when Dax gets here I will be home with both of them.
From 4:30 to 5:30-6 we play, I craft, I nap, he watches TV, he runs around the house like a mad man going crazy insane, basically this is free time to do whatever the heck we want to do to unwind.
6 pm means dinner time! Caleb will take a bath while I get dinner ready, and no he doesn't take one every night. Around 6:30 he will eat dinner, watch one show with me in the living room (we love Netflix) and then at 7pm it is time for bed.
7pm hits and he is in total control of his bedtime routine (I am so proud of him)... he has to change into his pajama pants, put his clothes in the hamper (which I have to remind him to do nightly), go potty, brush his teeth, put a pull up on (yep we are still struggling with this) and pick out a movie. We let him watch a movie in bed from 7-8:30 and then it is lights out.
From 7 - 9 this is my alone quiet time and I love every minute of it!!! I usually craft, shower, clean, sit on my butt and watch DVR, and well do anything I want to do... no kid, no husband! Then I am usually in bed by 9pm!!
Then 5:30 am my alarm clock goes off and I do it all again!!!

Is it Saturday yet?!

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