Wednesday, September 16, 2015

4 week results - Kelsey Byers Skinny Jean Challenge

I have finished 4 weeks of Kelsey Byers Skinny Jean Challenge, started day 5 today!!!
If you are interested in purchasing this plan or any of Kelsey's other plans, here is the link...
A few little notes/facts/thoughts:
* As of Monday, I am 3 months postpartum... can you believe he is already 3 months old?!
* After having Dax, I tried to the 21 Day Fix. I loved being able to workout at home and the eating was easy to follow. However I was half assing it and didn't get the outcome I would have liked. Then I went on vacation and un-did all the half ass work I did do. I knew I needed to get back into the gym, I strive better there.
* I found out about KB Skinny Jean while I was on vacation and bought it when I returned home. I started it with home workouts and then started the gym during mid week 2. The plan includes at home workouts AND gym workouts! 
* Mid week 3 I decided to seek out help from a friend about my nutrition and I started logging. I have seen so many changes in the past week! Wish I would have called her earlier...
This is UGLY and I went back and forth about telling you guys the actual numbers or just how much I lost... and decided that I am going to stay true to who I am and be transparent with you all.
* My wedding day, March 1, 2014, I was 161 pounds, that was my fighting weight (I am 5'10) and I quickly found out it was hard to stay there. I maintained around 178-188 fairly easy though.
* When I got pregnant the first time, May 2014, I weighed in at 189.
* When I got pregnant the second time, October 2014, I weighed in at 220! Yep, I gained 31 pounds from my miscarriage and depression that I dealt with afterwards. I love to eat my feelings, working on that!
* The day I had Dax, June 14, 2015, I weighed 278... I gained 58 pounds during my pregnancy!
* The day I started this challenge, August 19, 2015, I weighed 263.8!!!
* Today, I weigh 246.2... That is a total loss of 17.6 pounds in the past 4 weeks!!!!
* My goal at the end of this challenge is to be in the 220's. My overall goal is to get back to 180's and maintain.
Start 48 - Now 43.5
Waist (high):
Start 40.5 - Now 38.5
Belly Button:
Start 53.5 - Now 49.5
Start 55 - Now 50.5
Left Thigh:
Start 28.5 - Now 25.5
Right Thigh:
Start 27 - Now 25.5
Left Bicep:
Start 15 - Now 14.5
Right Bicep:
Start 15 - Now 14.5
Total Loss: 20.5 inches!!!!
And now for the photos!!! Casey took the start photos for me and I had to snap todays photos in the mirror because he was asleep and I am not about to wake that bear up (he is NOT a morning person)!
I am ready to take what I have learned the past 4 weeks and apply it to the next 4 weeks!! I will be posting here and there about my journey and then will give you another full update after I complete week 8... look for that blog post on October 14th!
Again, if you are interested in purchasing one of Kelsey's plans, here is the link


  1. You're doing SO GREAT. Keep up the great work!

  2. I so wish i had your confidence and motivation. You truly are an inspiration!

  3. I so wish i had your confidence and motivation. You truly are an inspiration!

  4. You are doing great!! I love following your journey, Keep up the awesome work!