Friday, September 18, 2015

Planning ahead for the weekend

We have one jammed packed weekend ahead of us... and I love it! I love staying active and getting out of the house, I am so not a home body (unless I am sick or just worn out).
Even though we have a busy weekend ahead of us, it doesn't mean I can slack on my meal plan and workouts. I have goal to hit, people!!
Friday - This morning has been hectic! I was up at Caleb's school peeling apples and slicing them so that the kindergarteners can make applesauce (which Caleb can't eat because he is allergic to apples). Then I ran home to get my snack for work, went potty, left and once I got to work I realized I forgot my snack... UGH! This would have been a great time for me to mess up on my meal plan, but I decided to ask around and found something healthy instead!
Tonight, Casey is taking me on a date and I had him pick a place that I was able to check out the nutrition facts. This is going to be my cheat meal BUT I am still going to log it and TRY to stay on track with my macros and calories. Avocado Artichoke Enchiladas, here I come!
Saturday - We will wake up and get our workout in first thing in the morning. Then at 5pm I am going to Six Flags with my sister in law, Sarah, while Casey goes to work. It is our company picnic and they are closing the park to the public at 7pm... I am so excited!!! I have my meals planned out to where I will just need to take 2 shakes with me to drink while at the park... Going to bank some extra burned calories with walking around the park!
Sunday - Caleb has his 6th birthday party!!! Oh I am so excited... I have hired Batman to come and pay him a visit, EEK!!! We decided to not do food at the party and instead just have some chips and popcorn to snack on since the party is at 2:30. Instead of cake, Caleb has requested a cheesecake. I can pass on chips, popcorn and cheesecake fairly easily! I will just bring my afternoon protein shake with me...
Monday - CALEB TURNS 6!!!! Holy COW!!!! I am taking the day off work but I still plan on getting up and going to the gym first thing in the morning so I can get my workout out of the way. We are going to take him to lunch, of course I will pick a place that I can look up the nutrition menu and eat as healthy as can be. Then we are headed to Main Event to play Laser Tag and go Bowling!!!
Just because you are on a "diet", trying to lose weight, sticking to a certain plan, it doesn't mean that you cant have a life while doing it. You just need to plan ahead and stick to your plan. Let those around you know what your plan is and have them help hold you accountable. I promise it can be done!
230's I am coming for you!!!
I hope you all have a great weekend!!!

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