Thursday, September 10, 2015

Logging my food

Do you log your food? Do you like logging your food?
I really HATE logging my food. Think of something (or someone, haha) you REALLY hate and that is how much I HATE logging my food.
Seriously... HATE IT!!!
Now that I have made my point... I have started logging my food.
I really want this weight off. My eating was so relaxed while I was pregnant and it continued to be that way after having Dax. I started to clean it up here and there but nothing hardcore. Now I am doing this challenge and I really want to kick some booty at it. I decided to bite the bullet and contact my favorite fitness friend, Jamie, and ask her for help with my eating.
Guess what her first question was... ARE YOU LOGGING YOUR FOOD?
She knew the answer already but asked anyways. She told me to log my food for the next couple days so we can see what is going on. She said she was going to play with my macros and see what I need to change. She said that I was probably eating too many carbs and not enough protein.
GUESS WHAT... She was right!
I logged my food for a couple of days and quickly realized that the amount of carbs I have been eating have been BONKERS high and my protein was BONKERS low! We have played around with some of my meals, changed up my bars I have been eating as a snack (switched from Cliff bars that have 43 grams of carbs to Quest bars that have 20 grams of carbs) and added protein shakes for snacks.
I have now been logging my food for 4 days and I have to admit, I am feeling much better. I am feeling thinner, not as bloated, I have more energy, and I am sleeping better.
AND the plateau that I have been on, I finally broke it. I weighed myself this morning, well because I love to weigh myself, and I have finally dropped another pound!!!
So moral of the story, while I really HATE logging my food... it works! I guess I will continue to log at least until I am able to get a handle on my nutrition again.  


  1. I'm trying. I can usually do it until I get home from work, eat whatever my mom or I cooks (and it's usually not super healthy, because my dad and sister are picky eaters), but I do try to practice portion control at least.

  2. Jordan, your story in inspiring and hit pretty close to home. I started the 12 week program by Kelsey and dropped out on day 5, feeling sorry for myself. This is the usual story. I am almost 6' tall, so I like the fact Kelsey is tall and her muscles are different than a shorter persons (used to follow Jamie Eason who is amazing) So anyway, I like that you are tall like me. I too gained a ton of weight with my 2nd child. That was over 20 years ago, but I can remember the struggle to try to lose weight after getting up to 220 pounds. I too get very depressed with my weight and it takes a sledge hammer to knock me out of that hole. I too had parents that were very strict and watched every step I took and with whom, also no TV unless it was an approved movie, and homework and chores always took precedence. I like my weight around 160 and right now, I'm at 176 which horrifies me. If I get over 165, I start obsessing about my weight. I'm hoping to do some of my own plans since I lost track of Kelsey's workouts, but I read the Facebook every day and see you on there. You are doing SO great and I love to see your transformation. It sounds like you have the support at home too which helps a lot!!! Thanks for doing this blog and consider me a big cheerleader :-)