Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Gym Pet Peeves

I am a gym rat. I workout better in the gym than I do at home (unless it is my trainers home and she is screaming at me to go harder... we will talk about her later this week). It is just plain and simple, I love the gym!
However, there are some things at the gym that just drive me BONKERS!!!
Today I will blog about those things... please comment below and add yours to the list, lets b**ch together!!!
1. People who wear jeans to workout. Don't get me wrong, I am proud of you for coming to the gym to workout... but jeans? How is that comfortable at all? Do you chafe? Something about sweaty jeans just sends a shiver down my spine.
2. Chatty Cathy's! Seriously, I get it... I love talking and can talk to a brick wall. BUT when you are hogging a machine or a set of weights, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD do not carry on a conversation that can wait until you are done with said workout. Seriously! Our gym even has a little break room area... go sit in there and talk!
3. Bell Pepper Guy - Yes this is an actual guy. I give him kudos because he is eating smart and clean BUT seeing your bell pepper in your locker next to mine every morning just makes me laugh. And in case you were wondering, it is always a red bell pepper... never green, yellow or orange! One question, why not just eat it in your car or when you get home? #ILoveYouBellPepperGuy
4. Singing in the shower is okay... singing on the gym floor in the weight room, not so much! When I can hear you belt out the tunes over my own tunes (that I am listening to with headphones) it is a problem. Plus, you cant carry a tune in a bucket... shut up sir!!!
5. People who stand in front of me when I am watching myself in the mirror. Dude, I am working on my form (and checking myself out, wink wink) and you standing RIGHT in front of me when the mirror is 500 feet long, that is NOT cool. Please move over 2 feet, PLEASE!!!
6. People who watch you workout. Seriously there is this one person that will sit on a weight bench and watch other people workout... he occasionally lifts up a weight but 90% of the time he is watching everyone else. Man I wish I could lose weight and get fit by watching instead of doing!
7. The weight hog... use one set of weights and put the rest back, there are other people in the gym that would like to workout. Sharing is caring... DUH!
8. The girl who sits on the bike and plays on her cell phone for 10 minutes and never once peddles... Play on your cell phone all you want but dude like I said earlier, go sit in the break room instead of taking up a bike someone else could be using!  
9. The staff member who brings in junk food and walks right past the cardio machines to the gym office... I can smell your pizza, you are making life really hard right now!!!
10. My gym has 10 TV's on the wall in front of the cardio machines, one day I was watching a show and someone brought over a staff member and had them change my show to their show. EXCUSE ME I WAS WATCHING THAT!!! This has happened a handful of times... now I just watch my Netflix. RUDE!!!
Okay, enough b**tching... here is a CUTE picture of  my little pirate (today is pirate day for kindergarten so I whipped up this costume thanks to Pinterest)!!

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  1. I don't get the jeans thing, either. It's always men, though. Never women (Maybe we are the smarter sex). And they always use the exact same machine, the Smith machine.