Thursday, October 1, 2015

Goal Outfit

I am known for hanging my goal outfit in my kitchen! If you come over to my casa and see a pair of shorts, pants, a top, or right now a dress hanging up next to my stove/fridge... just know I am working my booty off to get that item to fit me!
Since the Kelsey Byers Skinny Jeans Challenge (click link for the program) ends right before Thanksgiving, I decided to pick out a goal outfit to wear at Thanksgiving. I found this jean dress in my closet and I figured paired with a cute pair of boots and maybe a scarf, it would be the perfect outfit to give thanks in...
(Taken on September 13, 2015)
First step: Take pictures in the outfit... even if it doesn't fit. Pictures help you stay on track when you see the  picture again. Plus it is awesome to go back and compare how far you have come.
Second step: Hang the outfit up where you will see it all the time. For me, that is in my kitchen!
Third step: Try it on every couple weeks and take more pictures... and compare to the first picture! I promise you, if you are losing your motivation at all... this will HELP!!!
(Taken on September 29th, 2015 - 16 days later)
Funny Story - so this dress is very tight around the shoulders and back area. After I tried it on for the first time, I had to have my 6 year old help me out of it. I was STUCK!!! Then I tried it on this week and it wasn't as tight but it was still snug. I went into Caleb's room for help (Casey was at work) and he was asleep. I was having a HARD time getting the dress off... like taking a sweaty sports bra off after doing an upper body workout. I don't know how I got it off, but I finally did! Next time, I am going to only try the dress on when Casey is home and awake. Haha!

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