Thursday, October 22, 2015

Meal Planning for next week

Thursday means it is time to start looking at next weeks meals...
Man, this week has gone by quickly!!
Side note... have you ever been where you just don't want to eat? You aren't hungry and the thought of chewing food just makes you want roll your eyes? I am there now, actually I have been like this all week long. Don't worry, I am eating and getting in my meals every 3 hours... but it is a struggle for sure. I don't know what is going on. I have replaced some of my meals with shakes instead because I can chug them and be done with it. That is not like me though, I have always been one to eat my calories instead of drink them. Hopefully I will go back to normal again... because next weeks meal plan looks amazingly delish!!!
And don't forget, you can always follow me and my meal plans at and search for me using my user name FitbyJordan!!!
Oh one more thing... Someone asked me if I eat my workout calories that I burn... HECK TO THE NO! I bank those babies!!! I never log my workouts on MFP because I don't want it messing with my calories and macros. Do you eat your workout calories that you burn or do you bank them?
One more side note (last one I promise) - I eat the SAME thing everyday for a week. It is easier for me to make everything in bulk one day and have it ready to grab out of my fridge. If it ever gets boring, I try to just remind myself of my goals and push through that meal... but it hardly ever gets boring. Casey and Caleb eat their own food. Case usually makes a casserole and eats on it throughout the week. Caleb takes a packed lunch with a sandwich, fruit, chips, and dessert to school daily... and for dinner he will eat either on Casey's casserole, eat what I am eating (if I make extra) or just find something in the fridge (the boy is so easy and usually just wants a sandwich). As for Dax, he is on formula and is starting baby food... he is the easiest one right now!
Okay, finally on to the meal plan...  

Meal Plan

Gym Snack:
Premier Protein Shake

Open-Faced Pizza Egg Muffin (Ingredients Below)
1 Whole Wheat English muffin
1 OZ. Pizza Sauce
3 Egg Whites
1 Egg
½ Serving Shredded Cheese
(Calories 323/Carbs 30/Fat 16/ Protein 26)

S’More Quest Bar
(Calories 392/Carbs 23/Fat 11/ Protein 50)

Avocado Egg Salad (Ingredients Below for 1 serving)
Whole Wheat Bread – 1 Piece
4 Hardboiled Eggs (whites only)
2 Ounces of Avocado chopped
1 serving of tuna
(Calories 323/Carbs 21/Fat 11/ Protein 37) 

Six Star Protein (Whey Isolate Plus)
(Calories 185/Carbs 9/Fat 2/ Protein 34)

4 Oz. Grilled Chicken Breast (Mrs. Dash Seasoning)
½ Cup of Green Beans
½ Cup Cooked Brown Rice
(Calories 252/Carbs 31/Fat 2/ Protein 28)

Total for day:
Calories: 1,475
Carbs: 114g (29%)
Fat: 43g (25%)
Protein: 176g (46%)
Sodium: 2,052mg


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