Friday, October 9, 2015

Diet Bet Results... and some random things!

Happy Friday everyone!!!
Today was my weigh in day for my 1st ever Diet Bet that I participated in. I had to lose 10 pounds (4% of my weight) in 4 weeks to win some cold hard cash (the bet was $35, so anything over that will be considered my winnings)!
I have to be honest, I was getting nervous about the whole thing. I weigh in on Thursdays each week and yesterday I was 0.4 pounds away from hitting my 10 pound loss. I have been busting my a$$ and I didn't want to fail this bet...
I weighed in this morning and you better believe that I was EXACTLY on the dot 0.4 pounds smaller than yesterday!!! That means I hit my 10 pound loss on the head!!! I am so dadgum proud of myself... I submitted my photos and they are under review, should be hearing back in a couple of days on how much money I won. I will keep you posted!!
When I was headed to bed last night, my big sister text me asking me if I will help hold her accountable to get up and work out in the morning... Proud to say, she got up and did her workout when I text her at 4:40 am this morning!!
Way to go Seester Jo!!!
Also, ever since I started the Kelsey Byers Skinny Jean Challenge (click the link to find her programs) I have been trying on my pre-miscarriage/pre-pregnancy jeans. When I started 8 weeks ago, they would barley go over my thighs. Then when I tried them on 2 weeks ago, they would get stuck on my hips. Today, they buttoned and zipped!!! It isn't pretty by any means and I am no where near close to wearing them out in public... BUT... they ZIPPED AND BUTTONED!!! It is a great feeling for sure! I cant wait to see where I am in another 2 weeks.
Breakfast Idea
This is my favorite breakfast right now!
1 piece of whole wheat toast laying on a bed of
2 ounces of bell peppers diced and boiled
Then 2 ounces of Avocado smeared on the toast
Topped with 1 egg & 3 egg whites scrambled
Finished off with a piece of Swiss cheese!
It is SO yummy!!!
Calories: 361
Protein: 27.5
Carbs: 22.2
Fat: 25.2
(I eat half of my fat intake at breakfast and spread the rest out during the day)
And finally... Dax's first SELFIE!!! He was messing with my phone and I kept trying to get him to stop and then this happened. We all had a GREAT laugh about it. Hope it will help you have a GREAT Friday and an AWESOME weekend!!!

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