Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Back to the... regular people pants!

First off.. Happy Back to the Future 2 Day!!!
Which also happens to be my big sister's 33rd birthday!!!
Happy Birthday, Valerie!!!
I love you... sometimes!!!
Okay now that all of that is out of the way... time to talk about regular people pants! Lets all be honest, maternity pants are heaven sent. I preferred the big pocket that goes over your belly instead of the belly band pants. I had both though. After having Dax, I started to wear the belly band pants instead of the belly pocket... it just felt weird wearing the other ones, so I passed them on to a pregnant friend.
I have been on a mission to get back to pants that button and zip... you know, regular people pants! I have so many pair of jeans that are just longing for me to wear them again. About a month ago (September 23rd to be exact) I tried on my blue slacks and was determined to wear them to work. They were TIGHT and after an hour of wearing them I had a red line on my tummy and the button had indented near my belly button. It was very uncomfortable but I was determined to wear them all day long. I paired it with a maternity flowy top to hide my muffin top that was sticking out.
I have worn them one day each week since that day. Every week they are less and less tight and just a tad bit more comfortable... and I always pair them with the same top to hide my muffin top! Plus black helps you look thin right?
This morning, I put them on and realized I had some wiggle room in them! I was so excited!! I decided to change out my top and wear a more form fitting top (and pair it with a cover up, you know in case my insecurities started to pop out). I have had them on for 2 hours now and I am feeling great. No red line, no button indentation, and I am comfortable!!
Friday I will be trying on my jeans again. I have been trying them on every 2 weeks since starting this Skinny Jean Challenge. The first week they wouldn't go over my thighs, then they wouldn't go over my hips, and 2 weeks ago (on Friday) I was finally able to pull them up lay on the bed, hold my breath and say a prayer and button them! I cant wait to see how they fit on Friday!!!
I also decided to try on my black workout shorts this morning too... 6 weeks ago they were so tight and I wouldn't wear them out in public, now they are fitting normally and I think I am ready to take them for a spin at the gym!!! I love being able to take progress pictures because it really helps keep me on track...
I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!!! Oh, an don't forget to take a spin on your flying skateboard today... #BackToTheFutureDay

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