Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Ding Dong Ditch

Last  night I taught my six year old how to Ding Dong Ditch!!!
Can you say "Parent of the year"?!
Don't worry, we didn't just do random houses... I let him pick 3 people he wanted to BOO (I will go into this more in just a bit) and those houses were the lucky winners of the Ding Dong Ditch practice!
How to BOO:
1. Pick 2 or 3 friends/family (or neighbors)
2. Hit up the dollar section of Target or go to Dollar Tree
(that's where we went, holla)
3. Fill up baskets, bags or whatever full of Halloween treats.
4. Print off the BOO poem off Google... I just typed in "BOO poem for friends" and found one I liked
5. Deliver the goodies by leaving them on their porch and running away
The three people he picked weren't home (I knew this, but Caleb didn't because I wanted it to be fun for him) so I had to put a call in to them that evening to make sure they checked their front door step (they use their garage to enter the house)... but you are "supposed" to go when they are home so the whole thing is a surprise and who left the BOO stays a secret. My best friend did figure it out though without me having to call her... and she somehow knew it was me, even though I am not sure how!
On our way to BOO our friends and family, Caleb told me "Momma, I will do all the running to the porch, ringing the bell and running back. You fall to much and you will get caught! You can just drive the get away car..."
Sweet kid knows me too well... he knows I am clumsy and fall all the time! Haha!
If you haven't ever BOO'ed someone before, try it over the next couple weeks before Halloween... it is SO much fun!!!

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