Monday, October 19, 2015

My weekend in a nutshell

There is a new shopping center over by my casa and we have been VERY excited for it to open... well, it did this past week and you better believe I was up there ready to shop! Friday after I got off work, Casey and I had to exchange some diapers (I stocked up before Dax was born and didn't know how many of each size to get and kind of over bought on the size 1... why must he keep growing so quickly?!) so we decided while we were out that we would visit some of the new stores. Okay, I decided we should... Casey just goes along with my plan... #GreatHusband
I like to play dress up when I shop... Casey is getting use to it, well because I am the Queen and what I say goes... HAHAHAHA JK Case
Saturday morning I always go to the gym right when they open (I am there at 8am saying "Open Open Open"). I love starting my day off with a workout. This Saturday Casey said he wanted to go with me so I decided to sleep in until Dax woke us up (Caleb was at his Dad's)... I figured Dax would wake up about 7:30-8, I was wrong! He slept until almost 9am!!! We finally made it to the gym and did some cardio together. I love working out with Casey, it makes me workout harder... I guess because I want to impress him with all my awesomeness! Haha!
I love to walk by him and slap his butt and act like I don't know him and flirt... he enjoys it too!
Saturday evening, I took both boys (Caleb came home) to Caleb's Fall Festival at his school. I have been to many school festivals (thanks to my nieces) and I was really excited to see what his school was going to do... sadly, we all were a tad bit disappointed. We live a couple streets away so we walked, when we got there Caleb had to go potty... the school was closed and there was no where to use the restroom. We had to walk back home and decided to drive back up there (even though I just wanted to stay home). We played a few games, which the high school kids were in charge of and they were not paying attention to the kids... if you are working with kids, pay attention to them! Then Caleb wanted his face painted... BIG MISTAKE! We waited in line for an hour and 20 minutes... it was HORRIBLE!!! It was finally our turn, she smeared some yellow paint on his face (he wanted a lighting bolt) and she was done. She took so much time with each kid before us and about 1 minute with him. He was super let down!! Hopefully the Pumpkin Patch and Fall Festival we are going to this week will make up for the school one... hopefully!
My cute little Iron Man...

Dax wasn't a fan of waiting in line for an hour and 20 minutes
On Sunday I attended a dear friends baby shower and did some laundry... I freaking love doing laundry. I am being dead serious... It is my favorite chore to do and I always look forward to it on chore day!! Go ahead insert the eye rolls... I am use to it by now!
Then this morning, I woke up at 4:30am to start a new week all over again... glutes and legs with some incline work on the treadmill to start my day!
I hope you all have a fabulous week!!!

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