Friday, October 23, 2015

Jean Friday!!!!

Happy FRIDAY!!!!
It has been 2 weeks since I tried on my jeans... you know the one that actually button, zip and are NOT maternity jeans?!
My goal at the start of the Kelsey Byers Skinny Jean Challenge was to 1. Lose as much weight/inches as I possibly could and 2. Get back into normal jeans! I have 2 1/2 more weeks of the challenge and by the looks of it... I think I am going to accomplish my 2nd goal!!!
Here is how my progress with the jeans has gone so far...
August 28th
I pulled down all of my jeans (they have been stuffed on a shelf in the guest room closet while I was pregnant) and found the biggest pair I own... these were to become my GOAL jeans. I found a pair of size 17 Juniors...
Ready Set Go!
September 11th
I tried them on and about cried... okay, I cried! They were so tight and uncomfortable and I didn't even get them pulled up over my thighs. That's it, I am going to be in maternity jeans forever!!!
September 25th
I tried them on and cried again... I cry a lot, I know! They made it up to my hips this time but were so tight and the button and zipper was so far apart. Can I just wear dresses for the rest of my life?
October 9th
I tried them on again and guess what... nope I didn't cry this time! I laid on the bed and took a deep breath and button and zipped them (after saying a prayer of course). They were so tight but they buttoned and zipped! I took a picture and quickly took them off... so uncomfortable!!!
(Left - October 9th & Right - October 23rd)
October 23rd (TODAY) - I put them on and guess what, they were easily buttoned and zipped... without help from the bed!!! I even wore them around the bathroom for a bit while I picked out my clothes for the day. Casey saw them on me and said "You can wear them out in public now!" He is so sweet but I am not wearing them... they are still tighter than I would like them to be and can we please talk about that muffin top... not even a flowly top will cover that up!
BUT... they are fitting better!!! I am so dadgum excited!!!
I will try them on again on November 6th and the challenge will end on November 11th (for me). I am going to bust my booty the next 2 weeks and hopefully they will be comfortable enough for me to wear them out in public then... if not, I know that in 4 weeks they most likely will be! Either way, I know that in the near future, I will be rocking these jeans!!!
Looks like I am going to have to find my next biggest pair of jeans soon and start using them as my new goal jeans!!!
I hope you all have a HAPPY FRIDAY!!!


  1. Love your blog!!
    Ps....the muffin top really isn't that bad:)

  2. Love your blog!!
    Ps....the muffin top really isn't that bad:)