Friday, October 16, 2015

Learning Macros - its a work in progess

I have been learning macros the past few months and here is what I have learned so far...
1. Macros take time to learn. You need to sit down, do some research, read as much as you can (blogs, websites, articles, etc.). You need to play around with logging your food. The key word is TIME! You need to set aside TIME for you to really understand it all.
2. You do NOT have to pay someone to tell you your macros. You can figure them out yourself as long as you take the time to do the research! There are tons of websites that will help figure them up for you for FREE... Que Google!! (Here is one I have played around on some
3. You need to log your food. Period. Logging is KEY! ( is a great site to use and you can even pay for an upgrade to make it easier... I haven't paid for the upgrade so I don't know 110% what it includes)
4. There is math involved BUT you don't have to make it hard Algebra II math... just simple "google" math... how many grams in an ounce... how many ounces in a tablespoon... etc.
5. Speaking of grams, I don't do all the math hardcore to change it to grams. I just use the serving size on the back of the package or what is already figured up in MyFitnessPal (just make sure it has the Fat, Protein and Carbs listed). It might not be the RIGHT way to do it BUT it is working for me and it takes stress out of the Macro learning process!
6. You will probably be blown away by the amount of protein it says for you to eat! Trust the program, it works! If you have trouble getting your protein in, look at drinking protein shakes, eating Quest Bars, Egg, Chicken, Turkey, lean meats, fish... I make sure I fit protein in at EVERY meal so that I am able to hit mine each day.
7. Find a GO TO website you can go back to when you are confused... this is the website I use:
8. Find a community of people that do Macros and become friends (if you don't follow SkinnyMeg on IG, go and find her... she is awesome at Macros and even does periscope videos to help out). When you have a group of friends that are doing the same thing you are, it tends to make life a little less stressful... Thank you Jamie for being my Macro friend!!
9. Find what works best for you! If you are stressing too much over this all, find something else. It is okay if Macros are not your thing because the end of the day all that matters is that you are enjoying the journey... not stressing over it all. Stress does NOT do the body good. I promise you!
I am not perfect and I am not going to begin to claim to be an expert at any of this, but I have been doing this since August and have managed to lose 25 pounds so I guess something I am doing is working, Haha!
Any input or advice you have about macros is more than welcome... just leave a comment! If you are an expert at this and want to help other people just let me know and I can share you information with my followers! I am all about opening up and sharing my journey with other people... you never know whose life you might help change!  

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