Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Madalynn is 13!!!

13 years ago, I was a senior in high school and my big sister was half way across the world (in Germany, because my brother in law was in the Army) giving birth to her first child... Madalynn made me Aunt Jay and it is a role I have taken pride in since that day! I LOVE being Aunt Jay and before I had my own kids, my nieces were my everything! I would go through hell and high water if they needed me too...
This past Saturday, Madalynn asked me to host her slumber party at my house... because I am WAY cooler than my big sister (score)!! It was such a blast!!! This was her GOLDEN birthday... she turns 13 on the 13th!
We started the night off with them decorating the first letter of their name. I had sprayed painted each letter GOLD to match the party!
Then they got ready for a scavenger hunt with bandanas, pink hair spray and tons of GOLD glitter!
During the scavenger hunt, they had to find GOLD letters that ended up spelling something... Lets Go Eat Frozen Yogurt!!!
Sadly, the Fro-Yo place was closed even though the website said they stayed open until 11 (boo) so we hit up Dairy Queen instead!
When we got back home, they did blind folded make overs... this was SO freaking funny!!!
The aftermath of the makeovers!
I made them a truth or dare ball and they played a couple of rounds while I cleaned up the house and waited for my sister in law to get back home... we had big plans once she arrived back home (see picture below)
We finished the night off (at 1 am) decorating my sister in laws house with rolls of TP!!! They had a blast and my sister in law was such a great sport about it all...
The best part of the whole sleep over... was getting to wake them up bright and early the next morning so they could go home! Haha! True story!!

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