Monday, October 5, 2015

My Weekend

Friday night we enjoyed a date night at Oktoberfest! Caleb was at his Dad's and we decided to go ahead and just take Dax with us since he is such a great baby. We had a great time and ended up meeting some family/friends up there to hang out with us.
Friday was a vacation day from fitness and food for me and it was a much needed vacation day! I didn't stuff myself and make myself miserable but I did enjoy myself without guilt. I ended up having a few hand crafted root beers, some kettle corn popcorn, a few bites of a nutella crape, and some taco with chips and ranch! I woke up Saturday feeling so great and actually feeling skinner than I did on Friday. It was weird... but I took it as motivation and headed to the gym!
Saturday was a day of errands. I am hosting my nieces 13th Golden Birthday party this upcoming weekend so I picked her, her sister and her friend up and we went shopping for party supplies. My craft room/office has gold, pink and black everywhere!!! I am so excited about this party!!!
Sunday is for laundry, naps and football!!!
Then I woke up this morning bright and early... actually too early. I have a 4:15 am alarm, a 4:30 am alarm and then I hit snooze until 4:40 am so I can be at the gym when it opens at 5 am. Well this morning I got out of bed at 4:15 am and was ready to tackle the day. Lets just say I was at the gym way early and just hung out in the parking lot until it was open (kind of wish it was a 24 hour gym). Then when I started my workout this song came on... perfect for my booty workout that the Kelsey Beyers Skinny Jean Challenge had planned for me!!

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