Monday, September 14, 2015

The WORST parents

Famous last lines of a child... when I grow up, I will NEVER treat my kids like you treat me. I am going to be a FUN mom/dad. I am not going to have STUPID rules like you do. I will let me kid stay up LATE. I wont FORCE my kids to eat broccoli.
Man the list can go on and on... am I right, or am I right?!
Now that I am grown up with 2 boys of my own I am constantly finding myself doing and saying things that my parents did and said. Things I SWORE I would NEVER do!
I had the WORST parents ever... seriously, they made me mind, use manners, eat my dinner, I had a curfew, I had to ask permission, I didn't always get my way, I couldn't act like a spoiled brat, I wasn't allowed to watch TV or answer the phone during dinner... which we had to do as a family (ugh), I had to do my homework after school before I was allowed to watch TV, I had a bedtime and in the morning they would wake me up before I wanted to wake up (how rude). The list could go one for hours of all the HORRIBLE things they made me do. Seriously, my parents were the WORST!
Oh and to top it off, if my friends jumped off a bridge my parents refused to let me jump too!!! Speaking of my friends, did I mention my parents had to meet my friends before I was allowed to go hang out with them?! Seriously guys, you are so old you don't know what is cool anymore...
Fast forward 20 years... I am now the WORST parent ever and I wear this badge with PRIDE!!!
Last night I went to Caleb's room and turned his TV off at lights off time and he threw the biggest fit. He called me mean and told me that I am not fun. He cried and begged for his TV to stay on, but I said no and walked out of the room to leave him crying alone in the dark. I couldn't help but laugh!
And so the cycle repeats itself...

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