Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Slow Progress

We have all heard it a 1,000 times...
I think I have heard it so many times that my eyes now roll themselves when I hear it again. In today's society we want FAST results. We have things like e-mail instead of snail mail. Text messages instead of passing notes. Paying for overnight delivery instead of waiting the 3-5 business days. The list goes on an on... and I am the worst at waiting. Seriously, I have NO patience. NONE!
When it comes to weight loss everyone (including me too) wants to eat one salad and be instantly skinny. You want one gym session to turn you into a fit swimsuit model. Sadly it doesn't work that way. One meal/gym session wont make you skinny/fit just like one bad meal wont make you fat.
So we say... Slow progress is better than no progress... and we go on with our lives pushing forward.
That is where I am now... pushing forward and repeating this horrid saying to myself.
I struggled getting started after having Dax. I wanted to be one of those moms who has a baby and instantly goes back down to her before weight. Well, for me that is just not the case. I have to fight for it and it pissed me off. So I half assed the process and hoped that I would wake up thin. Guess what, it didn't work.
(July 12 to September 9, almost 2 months difference... most of which I half assed. This dress is much looser on me now than before and I can tell my stomach and my booty have shrunk)
Then I found Kelsey Byers Skinny Jean Challenge and decided to really commit... I am not sure what went off inside of me, maybe it was because I was going back to work and none of my clothes fit me, who knows... BUT I am glad whatever it was, happened. Because here I am 3 weeks into the challenge, actually started week 4 today, and I am starting to see progress! It hasn't happened over night, it didn't happen after one healthy meal, it didn't happen after one hour at the gym... no, it happened after 3 weeks of hard work and a healthy lifestyle. Do I wish it was more, well I would be lying if I said no. However after snapping some photos today, I am happy with the progress I have made so far.
(Top picture is my before pictures from the KB Skinny Jean Challenge taken on 8/19. The bottom was taken this morning 9/9, exactly 3 weeks later. I will show the full photos next Wednesday when I complete week 4)
So I am going to sit here drink my protein shake and repeat over and over... slow progress is better than no progress.... CHEERS!
(Total Boy Mom photo...)


  1. I didn't realize you were in the group! I just saw your pics there this morning! Great job!
    ~Becky Martin

    1. Yep I am there!!! I love that group so much, it helps keep me accountable for sure!