Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Baby is getting back

This morning I was feeling great about myself and my  progress so I decided to snap a picture before heading off to the gym. I am kind of glad I did because seeing my booty in this picture really makes me smile. I have always, always, always been the girl with the flat ass. This time around in my weight loss journey, I have been focusing more on my squats and booty workouts and they have been paying off for sure.

The picture of me in the pink top is from right around the time of my wedding
(March 2014), before miscarriage and before Dax. I was the smallest I have ever been (around 160ish) and was in a size 6-8 pants (I am 5'10, so that is TINY for me). Right now I am in size 10-12 pants (and weighing around 178-185, it fluctuates so much) and I am kind of loving my body now more than I did then... I mean look at that booty!!! Casey says he loves it too, haha!

Do yourself a favor, focus on those squats and booty workouts!!!
Lift. Those. Weights!

I am SO ready for the freakin' weekend!!! This week feels like it is dragging on, probably because next week we will be gone on vacation. I have so much to do before we leave but I know it will all come together perfectly!

I really wanted to go to New York this summer but some things didn't pan out like I thought they would money wise... and then our cousin's (who we went on our family vacation with last year) said they wanted to join us so we decided to make it a road trip and stay closer to home. We looked at the map (the one we have been blacking out states we have already visited) and realized we haven't been to Arkansas or Missouri yet. So, early in the morning on Monday the 4th we will be driving to Little Rock and spending the day at their 4th of July celebration (Pops on the River). Then on the 5th we will have lunch in Little Rock before heading to Branson, MO to check in around 4pm to our condo.

We rented a 2 bedroom 2 bath condo on the app "Home Away" since there will be 7 of us. It has a full kitchen (which I am going to use a lot) and a beautiful big balcony with a nice view. It is also very close to Silver Dollar City!! We are excited to explore the city and have a fun time with family away from home. The only downfall is the condos do not have a gym... womp womp! Yes, I still plan on working out on vacation. I am taking weights with me and I will be doing morning workouts and sprints on the tennis courts instead of hitting up a gym... I will make do with what I have.
Daxy hasn't started walking yet. He will hold on to things and walk but the minute he lets go, he sits down. The doctor said that he will be ready to walk on his own when he holds one hand and will walk next to you... well, he is doing that now. He still isn't brave enough to let go though, which cracks me up because he has no problem climbing on top of our big bed and throwing himself off. He hasn't worn shoes to this point yet, because he is always at home, but since we are going on vacation we decided to buy him his first pair of real shoes. Gosh, he is growing up too quickly.

I hope you guys have a wonderful Wednesday! I will be over here counting down the hours until lunch time on Friday when my vacation will start... 


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