Monday, June 20, 2016

New Exciting Things!

Happy (late) Father's Day to all the dads and single moms out there! You guys are rock stars and I am sure the women and children in your life really appreciate you! Keep up the great work!

Casey had to work 12 hours on Saturday and 12 hours on Sunday, so we decided to celebrate Father's Day on Friday night. The Fort Worth Symphony host a Concert In The Park every summer and Friday's was "Star Wars". I am NOT a fan of Star Wars but Casey is, so I decided to get him tickets for Father's Day. He decided since I am doing something I don't like, he would reward me with pizza!!! I think that is a fair trade... Pizza is my love language!

Then on Sunday, after Caleb came home from his Dad's house, we went downtown and surprised Casey at work for dinner. I hated that he had to work but seeing his smile when we walked into the building, it made it all worth it. Case, thanks for being a wonderful dad to both of our boys!!

I signed up for the Ashley Horner Transform You $3,000.00 challenge! It is a 10 week challenge and the first place winner wins $3,000 cash!!! I am a competitor and love to win. I have really been slacking and looking for a challenge to compete in to help bring the fire back. This came at the perfect time. I took a weekend off, ate my heart out, didn't workout and just chilled... today I am back 110% hardcore.

I know I said that during the summer I was going to sleep in and go to the gym on lunch... well now that I have this challenge, I am back to 4:30 am workouts. They are brutal but like I said, I am in this to win this!

The challenge ends in 70 days.. I will post some progress photos halfway through. There are only a few obstacles I have to face the next 10 weeks...

1. Vacation - We are going to Little Rock for 4th of July and then heading to Branson, MO for the 5-9th. We have a condo with a full sized kitchen so I will be able to prep my foods. I do plan on having a cheat or 2 while on vacation and I am bringing my workout clothes to get my workouts in.

2. My 31st birthday! My birthday is August 22 and we are celebrating August 19th with a big group of friends. The contest ends August 28th. All I can think about is cake, cake and more cake. But I am pretty sure $3,000 is going to help me stay a way from the cake...

I've got this!!!

And I will leave you on this note... how cute are Dax's table dancing skills?!


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