Monday, June 27, 2016

Monday again...

Why must the weekend go by so quickly?!

Dax has gotten to the age where he LOVES to snuggle in bed with us after he wakes up in the mornings. Most mornings he snuggles with Casey while I head off to work, but then the weekend comes and I get to enjoy his snuggles too! I mean, isn't he so stinking adorable. Don't let that face fool you though, he is our little stick of dynamite!!!

Saturday morning, Casey took the boys from 10-2, they went to the local library and hung out with Batman! Caleb was in heaven (if you can't tell) and Dax hated it... It was the best 4 hours of the weekend because it was 4 hours of total quietness at the house ALL. BY. MY. SELF!!! Thank you Case for giving me those 4 hours and for spending quality time with our boys!

That afternoon I had this urge to try on one of my favorite pair of jeans. I tried them on about a month ago and they wouldn't go up over my thighs. Today I was able to pull them up, button AND zip them! They were tight, gave me major camel toe (lmao) and not to mention the flab hanging over the top... but I am a work in progress and I am getting there! I cant wait to be able to strut my stuff in them one day soon.

Sunday I woke up in a mood. Not a bad one but just in a mood. I stayed up until 2am the night before so I could finish OITNB and I paid for it on Sunday morning when Dax woke up wanting to snuggle. Barf! Casey told me I needed to go workout and bring back the happy Jordan. HAHA!!!

When I arrived at the gym, I walked in and saw my stupid ass hat of an ex fiancĂ©... you know the one who would weigh me in weekly and tore me down... I was hoping the first time I ran into him at the gym was going to be the last time, but sadly it wasn't. Luckily, he didn't come up and talk to me (he is the type of guy who would). I did notice as I left, he watched me (with a dumb ass look on his face) leave. Yeah buddy, go ahead and watch this badass woman walk out of your life again!!!

Sunday was my cheat meal day. Not my cheat day, just one meal... but I always include dessert with my cheat meal and I always LOVE to have dessert first. So me and the boys hit up Yogurtland and I enjoyed some strawberry yogurt topped with chocolate, fresh strawberries and cinnamon toast crunch!!!
Then my nieces came over and they are staying over until Tuesday!!! Those girls light up my life so much and I just adore them. I love how they entertain my kids but at the same time they can carry on a meaningful conversation with me. They make me laugh too, gosh they are funny little girls!! Maddy and Audy, I love you little girls so very much!! 

It was time for my cheat meal and I decided on Fuzzy's!!! I am in love with their nachos and in love with brisket so when I noticed they had brisket nachos on the menu, I knew exactly what I was ordering. And you better believe it, I licked the plate clean... YUM!!!

And to top off the weekend... THE Ashley Horner commented on my IG account (Jordashflowers)!!!! I was totally fan girling hard. She is a total badass and her Transform You challenge is exactly what I needed this time in my life. I am on fire to win this challenge and transform my body... 


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